Off The Cuff: The Most Stylish Man In The CFL?

We’ve talked about the swaggiest team in the CFL (Riders, followed by Ticats) but this week on Off The Cuff I wanted to get a little more specific. We’ve been highlighting stylish men all season long. These are guys who are not afraid to take a risk and more than anything, wear that risk with the confidence of a football player…ya know? This week we were lucky to have CFL veteran, nice guy and swaggy style champ on CFL Game Time this week and that my friends is Montreal Alouette John Bowman.

I truly could not get over his outfit. Jeans, a hoodie, brown Timberlands (I think…) and this camel coloured hat. The guy literally oozes swag I felt like a style fan girl. I said to him at several points throughout the shoot “John…I think you might be the most stylish guy in the CFL” to which he replied “Brodie, I’ve been saying that for years.” So here it is – I think that John Bowman mighhhhhht be the most stylish guy in the CFL. Why you ask? Because of his ability to pull together a WHOLE outfit. From a hat to the shoes to the bling, John knows how to make it all work together. Additionally he gets proportions and knows how to balance every item so he looks his best. Hats on – or off I like your hats – to you! If you want to nominate another CFL player for most stylish in the CFL comment below, tweet your nomination – just find a way to let us know!