‘The Hulk’ Lou Ferrigno talks his brief stint in the CFL

TORONTO — It’s well known that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had once found himself on a Canadian Football League roster but what about The Incredible Hulk?

Lou Ferrigno, who starred as The Hulk, also had a brief stint in the CFL.

Back in 1976, Ferrigno tried out for the Toronto Argonauts, he told The Waggle presented by Sport Clips’ James Cybulski.

“There was a time in 1976 that I tried out for the Toronto Argonauts,” said Ferrigno. “I was there for about a month. I made a lot of good friends. It was a great experience.”

“I had a great time but I felt like it wasn’t for me because I didn’t like hitting people,” he continued. “But it was a great experience being in Canada back in 1976.”

Episode 130: It’s crunch time!! + ‘The Hulk’ Lou Ferrigno talks CFL

EPISODE OVERVIEW: We’re getting down to the wire and plenty of playoff scenarios are swirling. James and Davis talk power rankings, the Brandon Banks injury, if Calgary is still the team to beat and more! Plus a discussion with Lou Ferrigno on his brief stint in the CFL.

RUNDOWN: Power Rankings debate (5:00); Jason Maas’ coaching future (9:00); Ed Hervey’s candid comments (12:45); Is Calgary still the class of the League? (18:00); How does Hamilton move forward? (22:00); Stop celebrating QB sneaks PSA! (25:00); Lewis Ward kicks into the record books (29:00); Trestman and Popp next year? (32:00); Interview with The Hulk Lou Ferrigno (39:45).

He didn’t like hitting people but he did make at least one devastating blow in his time north of the border.

“I played defensive tackle and one guy came running towards me,” Ferrigno remembered. “I didn’t want to get knocked down so I gave a full force, a 100 per cent, hit and I broke both of his legs. I wasn’t too happy about that.”

He didn’t stick around in the CFL much longer after that, as he went on to pursue his passion of bodybuilding instead.

“I was the strongest one on the team,” he said. “I’ve always been strong. As a matter of fact, right after that, I competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition and I won two events.

“I was kind of forced into it (football) by my father because it was his dream for me to be a great football player but I never played before in my whole life because my love was for bodybuilding.”