TMI: Larry Dean has more sneakers than you do

Larry Dean has quietly become one of the best middle linebackers in the Canadian Football League.

He’s surpassed 100 tackles for the first time in his career this season, becoming just the fourth player to hit the century mark in tackles in Ticats’ history. He’s also hit a career-high in interceptions this year (two) and scored his first CFL touchdown on a pick-six against Bo Levi Mitchell and the Calgary Stampeders.

Dean has tallied 52 tackles in his last six games alone – including an 11-tackle performance against the Ottawa REDBLACKS in Week 20, tying a career-high for the six-foot, 226-pounder. His first 11-tackle outing was back in Week 15 against the BC Lions.

His 105 defensive tackles are good for second in the league, only trailing behind Stampeders linebacker Alex Singleton (115).

What you may not know about Dean is how much he loves sneakers. He has too many to count. That’s how much he loves them.

He also really, really likes gummy candy. Bears, worms, sharks. Whatever it is, he loves them.

What would he be doing if he wasn’t playing football? What’s his favourite football memory and which teammate would he want to have with him if he was stranded on a deserted island? Find out the answers to those questions and much more in this edition of TMI!

Kristina Costabile: Tell me something that fans may not know about you.

Larry Dean: I like to shop. All over. The boutique stuff. I’m a big sneakerhead. I have a crazy shoe collection.

KC: How many pairs do you have?

LD: A bunch, too many to count!

KC: In the hundreds?

LD: Oh yeah, it would be a disservice to count.

KC: What’s on your pre-game playlist?

LD: It varies because different music comes out. Right now I’m Kevin Gates heavy. I like Kevin Gates. I like that Lil Baby right now. I’m listening to that Lil Baby. A little Tupac. I like Nipsey Hussle.

KC: If you could be stranded on a deserted island with any one of your teammates, who would it be and why?

LD: I’ve gotta take my D-line with me. They protect me, keep me clean and I think that they’re doing to do what’s necessary.

KC: What are three things that you would want with you on that deserted island?

LD: Fire. I wouldn’t be deserted if I had a boat, huh? We’re thinking too deep. Give me some fire, give me some gummy’s and give me an iPad.

KC: If you were not a football player, what would you be doing?

LD: Coaching football or maybe I’d be a lawyer. At school I was a criminal justice major, I have a degree in criminal justice.

KC: What’s your favourite football memory?

LD: When we won a National Championship in 2007 at Valdosta State. That was memorable. With those guys, any time you win on that level, you always remember that.

KC: Do you have any pre-game superstitions or routines?

LD: Pray. Just pray, man. Stay prayed up and focused. That’s me. Some gummy’s. Gummy worms, some gummy bears. I like the sharks, too. Game day, I’m going to come in with some gummy’s. I also talk to my pops the day before, the day of. He might text me the day of, depending what time the game is. Some of my family members text me.

KC: What are you binge watching right now?

LD: I think it was Ozark.