Which touchdown celebration was best through Week 20?

For the second week in a row, Matt Nichols’ touchdown celebration is your favourite.

56 per cent of you voted that you liked Nichols’ Conor McGregor strut better than the Alouettes synchronization.

This week, Nichols goes head-to-head with Roughriders running back Tre Mason and his mini-putt celebration.

First, let’s get a quick reminder of Nichols’ celebration.

With just over two minutes left in the first quarter, and on first and 10, Nichols dropped back and aired it out to Darvin Adams, who hauled in the pass and ran untouched into the end zone while getting pulled down for the seven-yard score.

Adams has had a few impressive celebrations himself this season but this time it was all about his quarterback’s.

Nichols walked down the field doing his best McGregor impression and it was amazing.

And now on to Mason.

On the very first play of the second quarter, the Riders were on the Lions’ seven yard line. Collaros handed off to Mason who dashed around everyone and reached out to cross the goal line as he was taken down by a defender to score the major.

Then the magic happened.

Mason darted back to get the football that had fallen out of his hands, grabbed the pylon and started to play mini-putt. So. Good.

Which celebration did you like best? Nichols’ McGregor strut or Mason’s Mini-Putt? Have your say below!

Fan Poll
Which touchdown celebration was best through Week 20?
Nichols' McGregor Strut
Mason' Mini-Putt