May 2, 2019

A team by team look at the 2019 CFL Draft

Johany Jutras/

TORONTO — As the 2019 CFL Draft comes to an end, the discussion is only beginning.

Thursday was an eventful night as the country’s top amateur talent dispersed among nine Canadian Football League teams.

From first overall pick Shane Richards to receiver Justin McInnis to offensive lineman Drew Desjarlais, here’s a look at every pick from Thursday night:


3rd Round: LB Noah Robinson, Missouri (26th)
4th Round: DB, Hakeem Johnson, Western (33rd)
5th Round: OL Jonathan Harke, Alberta (42nd)
6th Round: DL Charles Nwoye, UBC (49th)
6th Round:
FB Mario Villamizar, Laurier (51st)
7th Round:
DL Brad Lyons, Simon Fraser (60th)
8th Round:
RB Jamel Lyles, Manitoba (69th)



1st Round: DL Mathieu Betts, Laval (3rd)
2nd Round: 
OL Kyle Saxelid, UNLV (12th)
4th Round: 
FB Peter Cender, Grand Valley State (32nd)
5th Round: WR Shai Ross, Manitoba (40th)
5th Round: DL Evan Machibroda, Saskatchewan (41st)
6th Round: DB Scott Hutter, Laurier (50th)
7th Round: WR Hunter Karl, Calgary (59th)
8th Round: DB Eric Blake, McMaster (68th)



1st Round: WR Hergy Mayala, UConn (9th)
2nd Round: 
DL Vincent Desjardins, Laval (17th)
3rd Round: OL Zack Williams, Manitoba (28th)
4th Round: LB Fraser Sopik, Western (31st)
4th Round: OL Jaylan Guthrie, Guelph (37th)
5th Round: DB Malcom Lee, UBC (46th)
6th Round: DB Nick Statz, Calgary (55th)
7th Round: LB Job Reinhart, Guelph (64th)
8th Round: WR Colton Hunchak, York (73rd)



1st Round: WR Justin McInnis, Arkansas State (6th)
2nd Round: WR Braden Lenius, New Mexico (15th)
4th Round: LB Jacob Janke, York (35th)
5th Round: DL Charbel Dabire, Mount Allison (44th)
6th Round: OL Vincent Roy, Sherbrooke (53rd)
8th Round:
LB Christopher Judge, Cal Poly (71st)



1st Round: OL Drew Desjarlais, Windsor (4th)
1st Round: DL Jonathan Kongbo, Tennessee (5th)
2nd Round: RB Brady Oliveira, North Dakota (14th)
3rd Round: DL Connor Griffiths, UBC (25th)
4th Round: OL Tavita Eli, Hawaii (34th)
5th Round: WR Malik Richards, Mount Allison (43rd)
6th Round: DL Tariq LaChance, Manitoba (52nd)
7th Round:
DB Nick Hallett, Toronto (61st) 
8th Round:
DB Kerfalla-Emmanuel Exume, Montreal (70th)


1st Round: OL Jesse Gibbon, Waterloo (2nd)
2nd Round: WR Nikola Kalinic, York (10th)
2nd Round: WR David Ungerer, Idaho (11th)
3th Round: RB Maleek Irons, Ohio (22nd)
3th Round: DL Sheriden Lawley, UBC (24th)
7th Round: DL Derek Default, Manitoba (58th)
8th Round: DL Malcolm Campbell, Toronto (65th)
8th Round: LB Gordon Whyte, St. FX (67th)


1st Round: OL Shane Richards, Oklahoma State (1st)
2nd Round: DL Robbie Smith, Laurier (9th)
2nd Round: 
DB Matthew Boateng, Fresno State (18th)
3rd Round: QB Michael O’Connor, UBC (20th)
3rd Round: WR, Kurleigh Gittens Jr. (23rd)
4th Round: OL Maurice Simba, Concordia (29th)
5th Round: DB Jamie Harry, Ottawa (39th)
6th Round: LS Joe Spaziani, Virginia (47th)
7th Round:
WR Phil Iloki, Carleton (56th)
7th Round:
OL Eric Starczala, Guelph (62nd)


1st Round: OL Alex Fontana, Kansas (7th)
3rd Round: FB Gabriel Polan, Sherbrooke (27th)
4th Round: DL Thomas Grant, Acadia (36th)
5th Round: WR Wesley Lewis, Houston Baptist (45th)
6th Round: DL Chris Larsen, Manitoba (54th)
7th Round:
DL Samson Abbott, Manitoba (63rd)
8th Round:
DL Clement LeBreux, Laval (72nd)


2nd Round: WR Kaion Julien-Grant, St. FX (13th)
2nd Round:
DL Nate Anderson, Missouri (16th)
2nd Round:
OL Samuel Thomassin, Laval (19th)
3rd Round:
OL Zach Wilkinson, Northern Colorado (21st)
4th Round:
WR Chris Osei-Kusi, Queen’s (30th)
5th Round:
DL Michael Sanelli, Concordia (39th)
6th Round:
RB Jeshrun Antwi, Calgary (48th)
7th Round:
LB Benjamin Whiting, Saskatchewan (57th)
8th Round: DB Cody Cranston, Ottawa (66th)