CFL fans’ wedding draws national crowd

Last July, we brought you the story of Vincent Rulé and Deb Strickland — two CFL fans brought together by the game who were then engaged.

Saturday, May 11 was their wedding day, so we thought we’d check in.

As expected, the #CFLFamily turned out in numbers from around the country to celebrate the marriage between the Stamps (Deb) and REDBLACKS (Vince) fans.

There was also a fantastic nod to The Reklaws and their TNF theme song ‘Long Live the Night’.

It’s truly incredible to see the various people from across the country that were brought together by the event.

The Grey Cup Fun Police were on location to ensure nobody was having a less-than-stellar time.

Even the Ottawa REDBLACKS chimed in!

Congratulations to Vince and Deb as they begin their next chapter together!