Which celebration was best through Week 1?

It’s just the beginning of the CFL season but celebrations across the league are already in mid-season form.

Last year, we put two celebrations head-to-head and the winner moved on to the next week until there was a final winner (Congrats Matt Nichols and your Conor McGregor strut).

This year, because there are so many creative, fun guys (just like Kawhi) in the CFL, I’ve decided to open it up to an unlimited number of celebrations going against each other. The winner of that group will move on to the next week and challenge the following week’s cellys.

We have four players battling each other for the best celebration of Week 1: Dylan Wynn‘s dance. Drew Wolitarsky‘s air guitar. Don Unamba’s salute. And Kwaku Boateng’s home run.

Let’s start with Wynn.

The Ticats defensive end had a big sack on Riders QB Cody Fajardo in the third quarter and to celebrate he did this amazing dance – a tribute to 80s wrestler Ravishing Rick Rude? That sack, by the way, led to Frankie Williams‘ punt return touchdown the very next play.

Next up, Wolitarsky’s air guitar. This was the first of two touchdowns for the Bombers’ receiver, with this one in the second quarter. Nichols found his pass-catcher in the back of the end zone for the score and then the magic happened. Instead of just playing the air guitar with.. the air.. Wolitarsky took advantage of a prop and used the pigskin as his instrument. So. Good.

And now for a couple of Eskimos teammates.

First, let’s take a look at Unamba. It was the first offensive drive for the Montreal Alouettes and the Als were pinned deep in their own zone. Antonio Pipkin‘s fly sweep to B.J. Cunningham on first-and-ten went nowhere as the Esks new SAM linebacker Unamba hunted him down for the tackle and a loss of three yards. And then Unamba saluted the crowd. Swaggy.

And finally, Boateng. The third-year defensive end recorded his first sack of the season in the third quarter of his team’s win against the Alouettes. On first-and-ten, Boateng got through the offensive line to take down Montreal’s pivot for a loss of 12 yards. The best part of this celly is that Boateng had to try twice to toss his invisible ball in the air and take a swing to hit it out of the ball park. Nick Usher wanted to celebrate with his teammate but Boateng was having none of it. A little push and maybe a “one second, I’m trying to celebrate”?

Now it’s your turn to decide which celebration you like the best. Vote below!

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Which celebration was best after Week 1?
Dylan Wynn's Dance
Drew Wolitarsky's Air Guitar
Don Unamba's Salute
Kwaku Boateng's Home Run