Which celebration was best through Week 3?

It was close but Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance was the celly winner after Week 1 of the season!

Runner up was Drew Wolitarsky‘s air guitar followed by Kwaku Boateng‘s home run and Don Unamba’s salute.

This week, Wynn is going up against a trio of Edmonton Eskimo D-lineman from Week 2 and Matt Nichols reaction after a Lucky Whitehead touchdown in Week 3.

Here’s a quick reminder of Wynn’s dance:

Let’s start with Mike Moore, Kwaku Boateng and Nick Usher.

It was late in the fourth quarter and the Eskimos were up 39-23 over the BC Lions. With just over five minutes left in the contest, and on first-and-10, Moore took down Mike Reilly for one of the Eskimos seven sacks on the night. But it was the celebration after the sack that was the eye-catcher.

Boateng pretended to play the violin while Usher was the singer and Moore was playing a guitar..? Cello? Not entirely sure on that one but it was amazing.

Next up, Matt Nichols, our reigning celly champ.

Lucky Whitehead scurried 41 yards and into the end zone in the third quarter for his second major of the contest, and he celebrated as you do in Winnipeg: go into the stands and hang out with the fans.

But it was Nichols, much behind the play that stole the show.

He looked to the sideline and started shrugging, as if to say, “I don’t know man.. he can do it all.”

Which celly do you like best? Wynn’s dance, the Eskimos band or Matt Nichols‘ shrug? Have your say below!

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Which celebration was best through Week 3?
Dylan Wynn's Dance
Eskimos D-line Band
Matt Nichols Shrug