July 22, 2019

Oh Hail No!

If you know anyone from Calgary they will tell you the weather is a bit…unpredictable. Though I had heard about the wacky, wild weather and the infamous claim ” four seasons in a day” I had never experienced it myself. When Thursday Night Football touched town in Cow Town this week I knew we were in for cooler weather. I left 35C Toronto and packed a light jacket for the HIGH of 14C they were calling for in Calgary and knew I would be a little thrown by the 12C for the game. But, Thursday was sunny, warm and beautiful and I worried I would swelter during the game – que summer.

By the time I got to the stadium around 3pm the temperature plummeted and the sky grew dark and then came winter. Hail fell from the sky in enormous pellets – que winter. The turf was totally covered in hail, so much so that they needed to clear the field. The Northern Pikes who were supposed to be in rehearsals to perform for Thursday Night Football got hailed off the stage, equipment had to be covered it was a bit of a wild scene.

Fall came later in the game when the rain poured down on a chilled crowd at McMahon and I’m sure Spring was mixed in  somewhere throughout the day. Needless to say Canadian Football in July…in Calgary comes with extra excitement!