Most Unique Stadium Food In The League!?

For a crew who I know attends their fare share of CFL games I don’t need to tell you how awesome Thursday Night Football has been this summer! Spending Friday junior under the lights watching football, taking in a concert at halftime and spending time with your friends and family – it’s pretty magical. What I may need to tell you is that while enjoying summertime football you could be taking down more than just a “stadium dog” burger or nachos with that melty cheese – I am sorry it’s gross and you know it in your heart of hearts.

As part of my travels for CFL on TSN this summer I have been trying to find the wackiest most outrageous stadium food and let me tell you it has been miserable work….obviously kidding. If you hadn’t noticed chefs across the CFL have been increasingly creative with their offerings. Last night in Edmonton I got to meet Chef Chris who was kind enough to whip up some of the specialty items offered at the Brick Field – and I thought you guys might like to take a look! Chef Chris may have come up with some of the most unique combinations I have ever seen and I was really impressed by the variety of tastes and textures. What I extra love is that Chef sources almost everything locally, supporting local business and focusing on good quality ingredients – for a large scale operation that’s no simple feat. So hopefully you’re not hungry…otherwise you may want to grab a snack before reading on!

There’s a huge Ukrainian population in Edmonton so chef wanted to lean into their cuisine with these Ukrainian Skewers – perogies and bratwurst skewers topped with sour cream and caramelized onions! Extra points for being easy to eat.


How sweet are these little BBQ Beef Mac & Cheese dishes! It’s mac & cheese, topped with BBQ beef and diced jalapeno peppers


Don’t be fooled these are not your average slider! These are the Pulled Pork Donut Sliders – donut sliders topped with bbq pulled pork and coleslaw! A little sweet a little savoury. This took chef a full month to develop.


This was the item that was around last season and they are back this year by popular demand! Green & Gold Dog – hotdog topped with mac & cheese with jalepeno.


No matter which city you live in try finding some unique food at the stadium and be sure to share on social with @CFL we love to see what you guys are up to!