Argos taste test best eats at C.N.E.

TORONTO — One of the most exciting times of the summer in Toronto has finally come, as the Canadian Exhibition will open its doors on Aug 16.

Ahead of opening day, one of the tenants of the Exhibition grounds, the Toronto Argonauts, took the chance to give fans a sneak peek at what they can expect to see over the coming weeks. Team mascot Jason the Argonaut was joined by defensive lineman Cleyon Laing, defensive back Kevin Fogg, and receiver Llevi Noel on Wednesday.


One of the best parts of the annual spectacle is the various foods that are offered on the grounds, and the Argos players made sure to do the public a solid by testing out some of the grub that will be available in the coming days.

Laing tried cheesecake in a cup and the deep-fried cheese curds while Noel had the fried chicken in a cone. They also had the rainbow grilled cheese, which has been a favourite at the C.N.E. for a few years running.

When the other members of the team showed up for practice on Wednesday, they also received some food. Receiver Derel Walker was snacking on a funnel cake while entering the locker room.

“I’ll take it. It’s fire. I don’t need dessert, I really need some food, but I’ll take it. I’m hungry and this is good,” he said.

The Argonauts return to action on Friday when they welcome the Edmonton Eskimos to BMO Field for their Week 10 matchup. Opening kick-off is slated for 7:30 p.m. ET. Every fan that buys a ticket for the game gets free entry to The Ex. You can pick up your tickets here.