Which celebration was best after Week 9?

There’s something about a defensive lineman doing a dance that the fans are absolutely loving.

Once again, Dylan Wynn‘s sack celly dance was your favourite celebration of 2019!

70 per cent of you voted for Wynn’s dance as the winner. Followed by William Powell‘s potato sack race, Chris Matthews‘ CPR and Andrew Harris‘ slap shot.

This week, Wynn goes head-to-head with Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive back Marcus Sayles and BC Lions running back John White.

Here’s a quick reminder of Wynn’s dance.

First up, Marcus Sayles.

With just under 10 seconds left in the first half, and the Bombers leading by 20, the Stampeders were on Winnipeg’s five-yard line and looking end zone. Nick Arbuckle thew a pass intended Eric Rogers and Sayles said ‘NOT TODAY.’ The Bombers DB picked off the pass and then did what I can only call a display of incredible athletic ability.

Check this out.

Next up is John White.

We know that White used to be a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. So while his new team, the BC Lions, were in Hamilton the Lions running back mocked his former team’s signature chant after scoring a touchdown.

In the second quarter and with the Leos trailing by five points, White found a lane and ran 20 yards untouched into the end zone for the major score.

And that’s when the magic happened.

White did the Ticats’ signature Oskee Wee Wee dance in front of the Hamilton faithful and it was awesome.

So which celebration did you like best? Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance? Marcus Sayles’ flip? Or John White’s Oskee Wee Wee? Have your say below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 9?
Dylan Wynn's Dance
Marcus Sayles' Flip
John White's Oskee Wee Wee