Which celebration was best through Week 10?

We’ve been treated to 10 weeks of creative celebrations across the CFL and for 10 weeks, you’ve liked the same one the best!

Dylan Wynn‘s Week 1 sack celebration was voted as the fan favourite once again after Week 10.

86 per cent of you enjoyed the Ticats defensive lineman’s dance more than Bombers DB Marcus Sayles’ flip and BC Lions running back John White’s Oskee Wee Wee.

This week, Wynn will go head-to-head with his teammate, Jaelon Acklin, and Edmonton Eskimos receiver Ricky Collins Jr.

Here’s a quick refresher of Wynn’s celly:

First up, Jaelon Acklin.

In the fourth quarter of a defensive battle between the Tiger-Cats and the Ottawa REDBLACKS, the Tabbies were leading 11-7. About five minutes into the final frame, Dane Evans tossed an 11-yard strike to his receiver Acklin, who darted into the end zone for the score.

And then Acklin showed off his footwork, doing a jig in the end zone.

Next is Ricky Collins.

With the three minute warning looming before half time, the Eskimos drove down the field for their third major of the contest. Trevor Harris connected with Collins Jr., who scored the touchdown and after Sean Whyte’s convert, the Eskimos were up 21-9 over Toronto at BMO Field.

Collins then whipped out his air guitar and played a few chords in front of the Argos faithful.

So which celebration did you like the best? Wynn’s sack dance? Acklin’s jig? Or Collins’ air guitar? Have your say below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 10?
Dylan Wynn's Dance
Jaelon Acklin's Jig
Ricky Collins Jr.'s Air Guitar