Which celebration was best through Week 11?

After 11 weeks, Dylan Wynn is still your favourite celebration of the 2019 season.

There’s something about a defensive tackle busting a move that makes you all want to dance along with him!

Wynn’s sack dance beat out Ricky Collins Jr’s air guitar and Jaelon Acklin‘s jig last week!

With 11 weeks of Wynn-ing (see what I did there?) the only way to beat Dylan’s celebration is to put him head-to-head with himself. Yes, that’s right. Dylan Wynn is going up against himself, and a signature celly from Jeremiah Johnson, this week!

Here’s a reminder of Wynn’s original celebration from Week 1:

And now let’s take a look at his Week 11 challenger.

With seven minutes left in the first half of a defensive battle between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and BC Lions, Wynn came off the edge and was untouched as he pounced on his prey, Mike Reilly, hauling him down for the sack.

He then celebrated with mini-putt! Creative.

And now let’s take a look at Jeremiah Johnson‘s signature salsa celly. (FYI, if you want the backstory on why he does this celebration, click here).

Five minutes into the final quarter of Touchdown Atlantic on Sunday afternoon, the Alouettes were trailing the Argos 22-20. Then Vernon Adams Jr. orchestrated a drive down the field and handed off to Johnson, who scurried in for the 25-yard score.

Then the Montreal RB did his favourite celebration:

So which celebration do you like best? Wynn’s sack dance? Wynn’s mini-putt? Or Johnson’s salsa? Have your say below!

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Which celebration was best through Week 11
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
Dylan Wynn's Mini-Putt
Jeremiah Johnson's Salsa