Which celebration was best through Week 12?

Another week, another Dylan Wynn victory.

There has yet to be a celebration this season that you’ve liked better than Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance from Week 1.

This week, both of the celebrations joining in the competition are from the Mark’s Labour Day Weekend matchup in Hamilton. Wynn goes head-to-head with his teammate Bralon Addison and a rival defensive lineman, Davon Coleman.

First, let’s get a reminder of Wynn’s sack celly:

Let’s take a look at Bralon Addison‘s touchdown celebration.

With the Ticats down 24-14 in the third quarter, Dane Evans tossed a five-yard pass to Addison who scored his first of two touchdowns on the day. After Hamilton’s receiver ran into the end zone, he called his teammates to join him. Addison then spun the ball and everyone gathered around it to warm their hands, like the ball was a bonfire. So. Good.

And now let’s take a look at Coleman’s dance.

With just a few seconds left in the third quarter of the Labour Day Classic in Hamilton, Coleman hauled down the Ticats quarterback for the sack. He then celebrated like this:

So which celebration did you like best? Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance? Bralon Addison‘s bonfire? Or Davon Coleman’s sack celly? Have your say below!

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Which celebration was best through Week 12?
Dylan Wynn's Dance
Bralon Addison's Bonfire
Davon Coleman's Celly