Alouettes Foundation raises close to $50,000 in support of school perseverance

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes Foundation (“FAM”) is proud to announce that it raised close to $50,000 through a fundraising event held on September 7, in which took part around 150 people.

Hosted by Isabelle Racicot, the event “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” took the form of a quiz where guests from the corporate community tested their general knowledge. The representatives of École secondaire Henri-Bourassa, one of the schools supported by the FAM, took the honours of the first edition of the event.

The FAM’s mission is to promote and support school perseverance. Since 1998, through its “Together at school” program, Alouettes players have spoken to tens of thousands of high school students across Quebec, visiting on average a hundred schools per year. Last year, the Alouettes Foundation took a clear engagement that generates concrete and measurable results in its fight against dropping out: facilitate access to extracurricular sports by giving out money that schools can invest for transportation, equipment, registration fees and to refurbish infrastructures, among others.

“We work together with the five Montreal school boards and with one school per board,” said Patrick Boivin, President and CEO of the Alouettes. We will partner with these same schools over a five-year period, which will allow us to collect tangible and measurable data in order to demonstrate that access to extracurricular sports is essential for all children across Quebec. We strongly believe that access to extracurricular sports has the power to improve academic achievement and help young people reach their full potential. I’m proud of the amount we were able to raise at our event; this will help allow us to work with more schools. Congratulations to Henri-Bourassa high school for their well-earned victory!”

“École secondaire Henri-Bourassa is proud to be part of the Alouettes family by being associated with the FAM, and as proud to have won the quiz,” declared Etienne Darche, assistant director of the establishment. The FAM supports our student-athletes by giving them the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities regardless of the cards they’re dealt with. With the sums received by the FAM, we have been able to provide transportation to our players, as well as meals and equipment. The FAM encourages their determination while nourishing their dreams and rewarding their day-to-day actions.”

The FAM also supports École St-Henri, École secondaire Dorval-Jean XXIII, Outreach School System and Beurling Academy.