Which celebration was best through Week 16?

Once again, you liked Hamilton’s Dylan Wynn‘s sack celly the best!

We’ve gone through 16 weeks of football and we’ve seen a LOT of celebrations over that time.

But there’s something about a defensive lineman doing a dance that you really, really like!

82 per cent of you decided that you voted for Wynn while 18 per cent picked Chris Streveler’s telephone.

This week, Wynn goes up against John White, a combo of Cody Fajardo and Manny Arceneaux and Matthew Shiltz.

First, here’s your fave celly of the season as a quick reminder:

And for his first challenger, John White.

On the opening play of the fourth quarter, Mike Reilly handed off to White, who scampered around the defence and into the end zone for the four-yard score. After his touchdown, White took a long, long trek (followed by a few teammates) into the crowd to find a special someone to give the football to.

He was just casually walking through fans – So great!

Next up is Manny Arceneaux and his quarterback, Cody Fajardo.

Late in the fourth quarter, Fajardo aired it out the Arceneaux, who ran in the 55-yard score for his first touchdown as a Roughrider. What a special moment.

Then The Manny Show celebrated the way he usually does:

But the best part of this was Fajardo running down the field to catch up with his teammates and did Arceneaux’s signature celly with him! How fun!

And finally, the Montreal Alouettes QB, Matthew Shiltz had a celly combo for the ages after his seven-yard touchdown.

After he ran into the end zone, Shiltz ran towards the fans in the stands, pointed, did a swim dance move and then added a “TA DA!” at the end.

So which celebration did you like best? Wynn’s sack dance? White’s journey into the stands? The Manny/Cody duo? Or Shiltz’s swimming Ta Da? Have your say below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 16?
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
John White's Stands Journey
Arceneaux/Fajardo's The Manny Show
Matthew Shiltz's Ta Da