Which celebration was best through Week 17?

Another week, another Dylan Wynn victory.

For the 16th week in a row, you voted for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman’s sack celly as the best one of the season.

Wynn beat out Manny Arceneaux and Cody Fajardo‘s tag-team celly, John White’s trip into the stands and Matthew Shiltz’s swimming ta da!

This week, Wynn will go head-to-head with his teammate, Jaelon Acklin.

Before we get to the Ticats receiver’s touchdown celebration, here’s Wynn’s dance:

And now for Acklin.

Just over half way through the second quarter of Friday night’s matchup between the Ticats and Edmonton Eskimos, the home team looked to add to their lead.

Dane Evans found Jaelon Acklin in the end zone for a 14-yard score, and along with a completed two-point convert to Bralon Addison, Hamilton took a 19-3 lead.

After his score, Acklin ran to the back of the end zone and did this celebration:

That celly was an ode to Darren Flutie – who was in the building as the Tabbies paid tribute to the 1999 Grey Cup team, a team that Flutie was a part of. Very cool.

So which did you like best? Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance? Or Jaelon Acklin‘s tribute? Have your say below!

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Which celebration was best through Week 17?
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
Jaelon Acklin's Tribute