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October 16, 2019

#GreyCupFitUp: Recipes, a half-marathon and Mr. Fergus!

Photo via @OttawaJay Twitter

As we enter the final 40-day stretch of #GreyCupFitUp pres. by Sun Life Canada, it’s a time to reflect.

What has worked? What has motivated you?

One area we haven’t highlighted very much is the culinary side; what are people eating, both on the regular and as a treat?

How’s this for a healthy chicken meal?

Derek’s got an easy no-bake protein ball recipe that looks versatile!

Or, you could be like Ken: He clearly isn’t on a strict diet during #GreyCupFitUp, and that’s perfectly OK! We all go at different paces.

In other #GreyCupFitUp news, host Brodie Lawson is preparing to run a half-marathon this weekend!


We also saw old #GreyCupFitUp friend Mr. Fergus — a noted REDBLACKS fan — return to our timeline!

Check back next week as we tick into the final month of the programme!