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Which celebration was best through Week 19?

There’s been 19 weeks of football and 19 full weeks of Dylan Wynn victories.

Once again, you decided that you liked Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance better than any other celebration in the CFL.

The Tiger-Cats defensive lineman defeated Willie Jefferson and Andrew Harris to become the Week 19 champ.

This week, because we all know how much CFL fans love Wynn’s dance, we’ve decided to pit Wynn against himself.

We’ve got Week 1 Dylan Wynn up against Week 19 Dylan Wynn in this All-Dylan special vote.

Here’s a quick reminder of Wynn’s first sack celly in the first week of the season:

And now for the challenger, Week 19 Dylan.

Five minutes into the third quarter, with the REDBLACKS on their own 10-yard line, Wynn tracked down quarterback Will Arndt and pulled him to the turf for the sack.

Then, in true Wynn fashion, this celly happened:

So which Dylan Wynn celly is better? Week 1? Or Week 19? You decide below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 19?
Dylan Wynn Week 1
Dylan Wynn Week 19