Which celebration was best through Week 20?

It’s no surprise that Dylan Wynn won last week’s vote for your favourite celly of the 2019 season – he was pitted up against himself, after all.

But you voted that you liked his Week 1 version better than his Week 19 as 80 per cent voted for the season-opening sack dance.

This week the Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman goes head-to-head with Blue Bomber Nic Demski.

To start things off, let’s take a look at Wynn’s sack dance one more time:

And now on to the Winnipeg teammates.

This celebration is in many parts, so stay with me here.

Demski’s TD, a three-yard score with just over a minute and a half left in the first half, gave the Bombers a lead over the Stampeders. The Bombers receiver plunged into the end zone for the score and that’s when things got interesting.

He first went to spike the ball and teammate Andrew Harris batted it out of his hands (Oops!) then in true Bomber fashion, went to celebrate in the stands with fans.

But that’s not where the celebration ended. After Demski went to the sidelines, Kenny Lawler handed him a five dollar bill and said that a fan had given it to him for scoring. Yes, you read that right. A fan tipped Demski for getting a touchdown. How Canadian! How amazing!

So which celebration did you like best? Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance? Or Nic Demski‘s $$? Vote below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 20?
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
Nic Demski's $$