October 30, 2019

DailyRoto: Week 21 Fantasy Rankings

The Canadian Press

Week 21 of TSN CFL Fantasy Football Presented by Leo Vegas will be all about throwing darts in the dark with hopes of getting remotely close to the bullseye.

Five of the six playoff-bound teams — Winnipeg is off — are in action, and each will utilize their regulars in varying degrees. The Eskimos have all but said pivot Trevor Harris ($9,805) won’t play. Montreal will limit Vernon Adams Jr. ($10,195) if not completely sit him, while a host of other Fantasy stalwarts will either find their way on the 1-game Injured List or play sparingly.

That means taking a very close look at how the depth charts play out. If there was ever a week that breeds uncertainty, Week 21 is it.

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» Davis back as starter for REDBLACKS’ season finale


Matchup Rank (Position Rank) Player Value Opponent
1 (1) Cody Fajardo, SSK $10,695 EDM
2 (4) Bo Levi Mitchell, CGY $9,998 BC
3 (T-17) Hayden Moore, HAM $5,000 TOR
4 (8) McLeod Bethel-Thompson, TOR $8,082 HAM
5 (3) Vernon Adams Jr., MTL $10,195 OTT
6 (13) Logan Kilgore, EDM $5,353 SSK
7 (T-14) Dominique Davis, OTT $5,000 MTL
8 (T-17) Danny O’Brien, BC $5,000 CGY
9 (T-17) Michael O’Connor, TOR $5,000 HAM
10 (T-17) David Watford, HAM $5,000 TOR

With the West Division title hanging in the balance, the Roughriders will go with Cody Fajardo ($10,695) the full ride against the Eskimos. Same goes with the Stamps, who will be counting on Bo Levi Mitchell ($9,998) a sixth 300-yard game against a Lions defence that will treat this game as their Grey Cup. Expect Hayden Moore ($5,000) to get the keys to Hamilton’s league-best scoring offence. McLeod Bethel-Thompson ($8,082) will play sparingly, with Michael O’Connor ($5,000) likely to get the bulk of the snaps if the Argos close out the season rotating their pivots.

Edmonton rolls with Logan Kilgore ($5353) in the regular-season finale against Saskatchewan, which means the value of the Eskimos’ receiving corps takes a hit. The REDBLACKS will end the season the way it started: Dominique Davis ($5000) as the starter. Danny O’Brien ($5000) gets the nod for the Lions as they close out a frustrating campaign.


Matchup Rank (Position Rank) Player Value Opponent
1 (1) William Powell, SSK $7,551 EDM
2 (3) John White, BC $7,158 CGY
3 (7) Shaquille Cooper, EDM $5,780 SSK
4 (9) Jeremiah Johnson, MTL $5,504 OTT
5 (T-30) Maleek Irons, HAM $2,500 TOR
6 (T-23) Ante Litre, CGY $3,000 BC
7 (19) A.J. Ouellette, TOR $3,500 HAM
8 (T-23) Brendan Gillanders, OTT $3,000 MTL
9 (22) Marcus Thigpen, SSK $3,065 EDM
10 (8) Don Jackson, CGY $5,555 BC
11 (T-30) Jamel Lyles, BC $2,500 CGY
12 (26) Stefan Logan, OTT $2,860 MTL
13 (T-30) Greg Morris, OTT $2,500 MTL
14 (T-23) Jackson Bennett, HAM $3,000 TOR
15 (28) Kienan LaFrance, SSK $2,574 EDM
16 (19) Anthony Coombs, HAM $3,400 TOR

William Powell ($7,551) has 211 yards and a pair of rushing majors in the past three weeks. He put 60 yards on nine carries in last week’s win over the Eskimos. John White ($7,158) needs 40 yards to reach the 1,000-yard mark. He rushed for 64 yards and a major during a Week 3 clash against the Stampeders, so a repeat of that allows White to hit the milestone number. Montreal will likely run with Jeremiah Johnson ($5,504), who rushed for 105 yards in last week’s loss to Hamilton, in order to give William Stanback ($7,044) extra rest before Semi-Final Sunday. Shaq Cooper ($5,780) likely gets the starting nod in Edmonton over a still banged-up C.J. Gable ($7,373).

Calgary likely goes with a pairing of Ante Litre ($3,000) and Don Jackson ($5,555) in their quest to win the West Division. Toronto’s A.J. Ouellette ($3,500) has looked promising and has a future in the league. If John Crockett ($4,134) comes off the Injured List, downgrade Ottawa’s Brendan Gillanders ($3,000). This week will see the likes Jamel Lyles ($2,500), Jackson Bennett ($2,500) and Maleek Irons ($2,500) getting extensive carries, so don’t be surprised if a bargain back ranks among top Fantasy scorers this week.


Matchup Rank (Position Rank) Player Value Opponent
1 (2) Reggie Begelton, CGY $9,940 BC
2 (6) Eric Rogers, CGY $8,294 BC
3 (3) Bryan Burnham, BC $9,925 CGY
4 (13) S.J. Green, TOR $6,692 HAM
5 (34) Jaelon Acklin, HAM $4,175 TOR
6 (18) Dominique Rhymes, OTT $5,687 MTL
7 (9) Armanti Edwards, TOR $7,355 HAM
8 (16) Luke Tasker, HAM $5,799 TOR
9 (17) Naaman Roosevelt, SSK $5,742 EDM
10 (10) Shaquelle Evans, SSK $7,193 EDM
11 (8) Greg Ellingson, EDM $7,488 SSK
12 (12) Kyran Moore, SSK $6,913 EDM
13 (15) R.J. Harris, OTT $5,917 MTL
14 (12) Eugene Lewis, MTL $7,103 OTT
15 (22) Ricky Collins, EDM $5,294 SSK
16 (12) Kyran Moore, SSK $6,913 EDM
17 (20) DaVaris Daniels, EDM $5,523 SSK
18 (27) Hergy Mayala, CGY $4,518 BC
19 (T-48) Chandler Worthy, TOR $2,500 HAM
20 (30) Tevaun Smith, EDM $4,282 SSK
21 (25) Duron Carter, BC $4,829 CGY
22 (24) Brad Sinopoli, OTT $5,013 MTL
23 (26) Jake Wieneke, MTL $4,678 OTT
24 (31) Rodney Smith, TOR $4,266 HAM
25 (43) Mike Jones, HAM $2,937 TOR
26 (40) Chris Matthews, MTL $3,422 OTT
27 (38) Shaquille Johnson, BC $3,575 CGY
28 (29) Josh Huff, CGY $4,349 BC
29 (32) Manny Arceneaux, SSK $4,187 EDM
30 (39) Marcus Tucker, HAM $3,569 TOR

The best plays at receiver come from the Roughriders and Stampeders, as both teams bid for the West Division crown. Reggie Begelton ($9,940) needs four catches for 100 on the season while Eric Rogers ($8,294) had nine catches for 100 yards and three touchdowns in a Week 3 effort against the Lions. Just a hunch, but this feels like the week Naaman Roosevelt ($5,742) has the best week of the Saskatchewan receiving corps. With Brandon Banks ($14,000) and Bralon Addison ($9,167) expected to sit out, rookie Jaelon Acklin ($4,175) should see a fair share of targets. Luke Tasker ($5,799) should have a shot at further shaking off the rust after returning to the Ticats active roster last week. Dominique Rhymes ($5,687) did have a solid rapport with pivot Dominique Davis; the REDBLACKS duo have a chance to end a disappointing season on a high note against the Alouettes’ suspect secondary.

With Logan Kilgore at the helm of the Edmonton offence, look for their receivers to lose value. Tevaun Smith ($4,282) is a sleeper if the Eskimos choose to sit Greg Ellingson ($7,488) and the slumping DaVaris Daniels ($5,523). Even with the Argos rotating pivots, there should still be value at receiver, as S.J. Green ($6,692) and Armanti Edwards ($7,355) getting their share of targets. Chandler Worthy ($2,500) is an under the radar prospect worth considering. Bryan Burham ($9,925) will be draped by multiple Stampeders defensive backs, which means someone like Duron Carter ($4,829) and Shaquille Johnson ($3575) having the best chance to take advantage of that. Chris Matthews ($3,422) projects to be the best Alouettes option if Eugene Lewis ($7,103), Quan Bray ($5,348) and Jake Wieneke ($4,678) are either limited or sit out altogether.


Hamilton ($5,083) has 19 sacks in the last five games and should add to that number with Vernon Adams Jr. expected to be on the bench. Saskatchewan ($5,472) has scored double-digit fantasy points in three of the last five. Four out of five is possible with a Trevor Harris-less Eskimos offence. Calgary ($4,410) hasn’t been anywhere near as dominant defensively as they were in 2018 but do close the season with a favourable matchup against the Lions, who have struggled to move the ball with Danny O’Brien at pivot.