November 21, 2019

Proulx leads crew of officials named for Grey Cup game

CALGARY  The Canadian Football League announced today the officiating crew that will work the 107th Grey Cup presented by Shaw on Sunday, November 24th at McMahon Stadium.

This group of officials were the highest rated officials at their respective positions during the 2019 season.


Referee                       #28      Andre Proulx

Umpire                        #61      Patrick MacArthur

Head Linesman          #25       Ron Barss

Line Judge                  #19      Chris Shapka

Side Judge                  #47      Jocelyn Paul

Back Judge                 #44      Blair Brown

Field Judge                 #56      Steve Dolyniuk

Backup Referee          #60      Tom Vallesi

Backup Umpire           #31       Ben Major

Backup Official            #27      Andrew Wakefield

Backup Official            #18      Pierre Laporte

The crew will be supported by an off-field officiating staff, including:

Senior Director, Officiating Darren Hackwood

Manager, Officiating Jeff Harbin

Supervisor, Officiating Boris Velcic

Replay Official, Rob Crifo

The following is some background information on this year’s Grey Cup officials:

Andre Proulx – Referee

22nd Season | 375 Games | 8th Grey Cup Game

Patrick MacArthur – Umpire

10th Season | 166 Games | 4th Grey Cup Game

Ron Barss – Down Judge

15th Season | 248 Games | 4th Grey Cup Game

Chris Shapka – Line Judge

6th  Season | 104 Games | 2nd Grey Cup Game

Jocelyn Paul – Side Judge

11th Season | 177 Games | 4th Grey Cup Game

Blair Brown – Back Judge

7th Season | 119 Games | 3rd Grey Cup Game

Steve Dolyniuk – Field Judge

19th Season | 309 Games | 5th Grey Cup Game

Tom Vallesi – Backup Referee

16th Season | 273 Games | 4th Grey Cup Game

Ben Major – Backup Umpire

15th Season | 262 Games | 7th Grey Cup Game

Andrew Wakefield – Backup Official

6th Season | 85 Games | 1st Grey Cup Game

Pierre Laporte – Backup Official

6th Season | 110 Games | 1st Grey Cup Game