Dylan Wynn is your 2019 Celly King!

CFL fans have spoken: Dylan Wynn is your 2019 Celly King!

Since Week 1, you have voted Wynn’s sack celebration as the best of the best. I’ve pitted him against some creativity in Riderville thanks to William Powell, his Ticats teammates warming their hands over a “fire”, Andrew Harris‘ slap shot and even Wynn himself. And those are just a few of the awesome celebrations we were treated to this year.

But it was the first time you saw Dylan in the black and gold doing his signature celly that kept you entertained throughout the entire season!

Each week, I heard a lot of versions of what Dylan’s celebration was inspired by. Was it his own dance move? Was it an ode to an 80s wrestler?

I figured I’d get to the bottom of it so I had a chat with Dylan during Grey Cup Week to find out.

KC: Where did your celebration come from?

DW: Originally, I did it in Toronto, towards the end of last season, I think. It was just, I kinda thought of it. I think it was a Key and Peele skit I thought was super funny or something. It kinda makes me look like I have rhythm. Someone made a gif of it, and I was like, ‘okay, I’ve gotta do it again because it looked cool.’ And then it caught on like wildfire. I’m not one that puts too much thought into it so if that’s what the people want, then I’m going to give the people what they want.

KC: What kind of reception have you gotten? People really seem to love it!

DW: People love it, especially back in The Hammer. A little less proud of this but, we have teammates’ kids doing the celebration and I get their wives hitting me up, like, ‘look what my son is doing, this is your fault!’ (Laughs) I think it’s hilarious. It works, I like it. It’s fun. Everyone’s kind of caught onto it. I think it’s going to stick.

KC: Do you plan your celebration before you do it?

DW: The first time I did it, I thought of it. And then since then it’s just been unconscious and just messing around with the guys. You always want to bring some energy.

KC: What were your cellies like in college and high school? Was it the same one?

DW: College I didn’t really have one. But in high school I just basically yelling. It was nothing really crazy. There are a couple good pictures of it but I was always taught that the more time you spend trying to figure out a celebration, the less time you’re looking at the opponent.