Ticats get competitive at local Tim Hortons

HAMILTON — Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Simoni Lawrence and defensive back Delvin Breaux have never worked behind the counter at a fast-food restaurant before in their lives, however, they got the opportunity on Sunday.

The pair converged on the Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton to work the register at the local Tim Hortons.

Like the competitors they are, the pair decided to go head-to-head and see who was the fastest cashier on the squad.

Breaux took the first round, getting a medium double-double and an apple fritter out five seconds faster than Lawrence.

Next up was the reindeer donut time trial, where the pair had to prepare a chocolate dip donut and put antlers, eyes and a red nose on as quickly as possible. Once again, it was Breaux who came out victorious, putting his donut together in 31 seconds.

Finally, the pair sat down to answer Tim Hortons trivia. To complete the sweep, Breaux managed to get two questions right to Lawrence’s one.

Both individuals stuck around to take photos and sign autographs for local fans.