Shorts Guy, meet Tattoo Guy

The lengths to which Blue Bombers fans will go to show their fandom is something CFL fans have become accustomed to this season, thanks to Chris Matthew. He was the man who made news everywhere during the playoffs as “shorts guy.” It was a baffling and truly dedicated approach to prove ones loyalty to their team. The latest and greatest out of Winnipeg?! This tattoo that surfaced on Instagram and is boggling our minds.

Tatto Artist: Shawn Beatty

Yes, that is in fact Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Chris Streveler.

The tattoo belongs to Winnipeg’s Derek Morley. He posted an image of the tattoo to his Instagram account, which was then shared by Streveler this week. Morley met Strevler at the airport as the Bombers arrived back in Winnipeg after the Grey Cup. During the exchange, he told the QB he was going to get his image tattooed onto his arm. Morley said the original idea for the tattoo came from the viral video of Streveler kicking open the door holding up the Cup after the championship win. Morley realized he needed an HD image so that his tattoo artist would be able to make a stencil.

“I reached out on Twitter for everyone to send me their best pictures from either the celebration or the parade. I guess Strevy saw that Tweet, because he reached out to me in a direct message and asked if there was anything he could do to help” said Morley.

Streveler ended up providing three photos and Derek’s tattoo artist photoshopped them together to get two critical elements just right. First, the Grey Cup and second, the fur jacket! Streveler has been in touch since the tattoo has been complete and said he would sign it for Morley when he was back in Winnipeg.

Of course, here at CFL HQ we get all-in fandom but we still wanted to know where the inspiration came from to actually put ink to skin. Derek has watched every Bombers game possible for 20 years with his father, who has watched every single game for 29 years — no exceptions!

“It has been a long journey and fight through the streak but we finally did it and I am grateful I got to share that with my pops,” Morley said. “I have a sleeve dedicated to Winnipeg and always planned on getting the Bombers’ streak-breaking Grey Cup and the Jets’ first Lord Stanley symbolized to finish out the sleeve.”

On choosing Streveler to represent the win: “I chose Strevy in the parade because it represents the kind of fandom I have always had for Winnipeg sports. Proud, loud, crazy and not afraid to be myself. Watching Strevy run 24 yards into the end zone, when he could barely walk, to put the ice on the cake against the defending Cup champs was another moment where I thought, ‘This dude REFUSES to give up. That’s a legend that deserves to be immortalized, right there.'”

We hope Derek checks back in with us once Streveler provides the final touch – an autograph!