CFLPA sends ‘COVID-19 response update’

TORONTO — The CFL today announced that, as part of COVID-19 response planning, gameplay for the 2020 season will begin no earlier than June 30. The CFLPA continues to work with the CFL and closely monitor decisions by health officials and all levels of government to inform all decisions related to the upcoming season.

It is clear to both the CFLPA and the CFL that the 2020 season cannot start before the beginning of July. The CFLPA is committed to working with the CFL and partners to explore and work toward a variety of scenarios that could potentially see us play a modified season when it is safe to do so.

“The pandemic response remains fluid for everyone. We are seeing governments and health officials make important decisions everyday that are in the best interest and safety of all. We have followed their actions closely to inform our work with the CFL including recent announcements to delay 2020 training camps and now delay games until after June 30, at the earliest,” said Brian Ramsay, Executive Director of the CFLPA.

Ramsay continued, “We know that this is difficult news for players who are anxious to get to work, but right now public health, safety and well-being are most important. We remain in daily contact with the CFL to anticipate and plan for all possible scenarios, and we are committed to providing the best and most accurate information to all players and player representatives as soon as it becomes available in order to allow plans to be made for themselves and their families. The online resources we’ve created to help us through this period remain available and I encourage all players to visit and login.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the fans and all those close to the game for their support and understanding. These decisions aren’t easy but they are important. By staying home and choosing to delay these games we can do our part to help keep our communities safe.”

Since mid-March, the CFLPA has been actively working on response planning for the COVID-19 pandemic. Planning includes working closely with the CFL to forecast possible alternate scenarios for the start of the 2020 CFL season. The CFLPA will continue to be involved in decisions related to today’s announcement as well as all other scenarios related to the upcoming season.

Players are encouraged to visit for updates and other helpful links and information. The website is updated frequently and includes the latest news and COVID-related response activity by the CFLPA, resources for The Academy including financial literacy programs and medical plan information, and mental health and well-being resources.