13 Binge Worthy Podcasts To Hunker Down To

If you’re like us you’ve got a podcast playing at all times especially while physically and socially distancing. They are a great source of news, a favourite medium of long form story telling and the the entertainment we’re looking for while multi-tasking – something many are doing a lot of these days. If you don’t know what a podcast is our how to listen here’s a link to get you started, but think of it as on-demand radio for any topic under the sun. As a CFL fan you’re in luck because there are literally HUNDREDS of podcasts dedicated to Canadian Football. The topic is so popular that the  Canadian Football Podcast Network was created which includes some awesome CFL fan podcasts.  Today we wanted to share some binge-worthy podcasts including some tried and true favourites and some newer ones you might not have heard of. There are too many gems to list all but here are 10 we think you’ll enjoy!


1st and Now | BC Lions Podcast

Exclusive interviews and insights from the BC Lions, this podcast is hosted by Matt Baker and is frequently co-hosted by former Lions QB Travis Lulay. The 1st and Now podcast delivers A-list player and coach interviews, in the last two episodes alone they’ve chatted with Chris Rainey and Mike Reilly!


Lions Den Podcast 

Brian Wawryshyn and Mojo Kemp host once of the OG CFL podcasts that is now in its 7th season! This podcast has build strong relationships over the years so they get great interviews including CFL players and coaches as well as media personalities, they also provide game recaps and have a strong knowledge of the game. This pod is recording during the off season so a good one to check in on and enjoy current news and interviews.


REDBLACKS Unfiltered

This REDBLACKS podcast was started recently and it’s gotten a lot of attention across the league! REDBLACKS Unfiltered is hosted by Jacob Kelly and aims to tell player focused stories, recent guests include Richie Leone and RJ Harris. There’s one released every Monday so a great new pod to add to your rotation.


Mouchoir a REDBLACKS Podcast

Mouchoir podcast is a REDBLACKS focused pod hosted by Michaela and Jeannine in its 3rd season. This is a REDBLACKS focused podcast, as you might have guessed but the duo touch on news around the league and do a really great job at highlighting key initiatives around the CFL,  getting into Xs and Os and conducting super engaging interviews.


Muamba Moments 

Here’s a cool one for you! Alouettes linebacker Henoc Muamba is launching his very own podcast called Muamba Moments. Muamba will be interviewing guests in order to tell a variety of inspirational stories focused trials and challenges that have led to major successes. If you follow Henoc on social media you know he has a gift of motivation and we expect this podcast will be full of uplifting stories to help us during this challenging time. Muamba says the podcast will be launching in the coming weeks so stay tuned!


Tokyo’s Unofficial CFL Podcast

Yes, you read that correctly! This CFL podcast comes at you all the way from Tokyo Japan. Lanny and Scotty host this podcast and talk CFL football, Japanese baseball and “other things they find entertaining”. These guys take a comedic approach to the podcast and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the skits and bits they add. They are also known to crack a bevy or two for their “beer of the week” while recording – you can take the boys out of Canada…


Eskimo Podcast

Hosted by Marc Majeau this podcast is recorded from the Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium and secures a great variety of guest interviews. Marc asks good questions and builds the trust of his interviewees quickly leading to interesting and honest interviews. While they aren’t recording during the off-season there are some great interviews you should go back and enjoy. 


Eskimo Empire Podcast

This weekly podcast focuses primarily on Edmonton football includes weekly guest interviews and game analysis. Andrew, Mike and Kayla is one of the few podcasts that is still recording weekly during the off-season. These guys have built a trust amongst the Edmonton community through their genuine and friendly approach and get great player and media interviews. You’ve also got to check out their Instagram to see their iconic green and gold studio.

Horsemen Radio

This is a tried and true CFL podcast produced by CFL fans, one of many of the great pods as a part of the Canadian Football Podcast Network hosted by Ryan, Sheldon and Steph. This is the crew you want to be hanging out with at a tailgate at McMahon Stadium – they are loads of fun and take a light comedic approach to the pod but their passion for the game is STRONG. This combo has built them a loyal listenership and we think they’ll enjoy.


The Waggle presented by Sport Clips

The Waggle presented by Sport Slips is the official podcast of the Canadian Football League hosted by Gemini nominated broadcaster Donnovan Bennett and three-time Grey Cup Champion Davis Sanchez. The Waggle is dropping episodes every Wednesday including all off-season so it’s got current interviews with Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr and Bill Manning of MLSE on the state of sports during Covid-19. Donnovan and Davis ask the questions you want answers to of your favourite personalities across the CFL and always find a way to get the best out of their guests.


The 5th Quarter 

Oh sport talk radio… it’s how many of us tipped from casual fan to diehard fan and this show is that format you know and love.  This is one of the longest standing post game shows in the country for any sport and it’s hosted by absolute legend Rick Zamperin. We know you’re not always in the a car or listening to the radio post-game so we love the ability to go back and hear what fans were saying after each Ticats game. Cats fans are a passionate bunch and Zamperin expertly handles all types of calls, and we mean ALL types.  This podcast is currently not releasing new episodes during the off-season but if you want to go back and follow the Ticats 2019 roller-coaster ride to the Grey Cup this is the pod for you.


Blue Bombers Podcast 

Hall of Famer Doug Brown and Blue Bomber half-time host Greg Mackling host this show along with legend Bob Irving. This podcast runs throughout the season but they did recorded a winter special early in 2020. On that episode Bob Irving & Ed Tait chat with Kyle Walters, Mike O’Shea, Andrew Harris, Zach Collaros, Randy Ambrosie so if that’s any indication this clout their guests carry, you’ll be binging past episodes for hours! Not to mention Bob Irving has one of the best radio voices in the game.


The Piffles Podcast

The Piffles Pod is hosted by Steve, Alex and Greg and is well known across Rider Nation! The podcast is released weekly but they have have continued to release new episodes about once a month this off-season. This is a super active bunch on social media and love interacting with listeners and Rider fans. Like most Rider fans they have an enormous passion for the game and talk Rider football but have a strong knowledge of personalities around the CFL. Enjoy!