April 30, 2020

A team by team look at the 2020 CFL Draft

Simon Fraser University

TORONTO — As the 2020 CFL Draft comes to an end, the discussion is only beginning.

Thursday was an eventful night as the country’s top amateur talent dispersed among nine Canadian Football League teams.

From first overall pick Jordan Williams to receiver Dejon Brissett to quarterback Nathan Rourke, here’s a look at every pick from Thursday night:


1st Round: LB Jordan Williams, East Carolina (1st)
2nd Round: QB Nathan Rourke, Ohio (15th)
3rd Round: DL Courtney Hammond, Western Oregon (23rd)
5th Round: OL Matt Guevremont, Indiana of PA (40th)
5th Round: WR Cordell Hastings, Acadia (43rd)
7th Round: 
RB Kayden Johnson, York (58th)
8th Round: 
LB Damian Jamieson, York (67th)


1st Round: OL Tomas Jack-Kurdyla, Buffalo (4th)
2nd Round: 
DL Alain Pae, Ottawa (13th)
3rd Round: 
LB Malik Tyne, Towson University (24th)
4th Round: DB Oludotun Aketepe, Guelph (32nd)
5th Round: K Dante Brown, Fort Hays State (41st)
6th Round: OL Chris Gangarossa, Wagner (50th)
7th Round: OL Nicholas Summach, Saskatchewan (57th)
7th Round: DL Rossini Sandjong, York (59th)
8th Round: FB Mitch Raper, Carleton (68th)


1st Round: DE Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, Southeastern Louisiana (3rd)
2nd Round: 
WR Trivel Pinto, UBC (12th)
3rd Round: WR Rysen John, Simon Fraser (21st)
3rd Round: OL Jonathan Zamora, St. Francis Xavier (26th)
4th Round: LB Kurtis Gray, Waterloo (31st)
4th Round: WR Tyson Middlemost, McMaster (34th)
6th Round: DL Andrew Seinet-Spaulding, McGill (52nd)
7th Round: K Keiran Burnham, St. FX (61st)
8th Round: DB Michael Asibuo, Concordia (70th)


1st Round: OL Mattland Riley, Saskatchewan (7th)
4th Round: WR Kian Schaffer-Baker, Guelph (30th)
4th Round: LB Junior Allen, Guelph (35th)
5th Round: DB Vincent Dethier, McGill (44th)
6th Round: RB Jonathan Femi-Cole, Western (53rd)
7th Round:
OL Jesse Lawson, Carleton (62nd)
8th Round: DL Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma (71st)


2nd Round: DB Noah Hallett, McMaster (18th)
4th Round: WR Brendon O’Leary-Orange, Nevada (37th)
5th Round: K Marc Liegghio, Western (39th)
5th Round: DL Nicholas Dheilly, Saskatchewan (46th)
6th Round: 
LB Kyle Rodger, Ottawa (55th)
7th Round: 
LB Tanner Cadwallader, Wilfrid Laurier (64th)
8th Round: DB Bleska Kombamba, Western (73rd)


1st Round: OL Coulter Woodmansey, Guelph (5th)
1st Round: DE Mason Bennett, North Dakota (8th)
2nd Round: LB Bailey Feltmate, Acadia (17th)
3rd Round: WR Tyler Ternowski, Waterloo (27th)
4th Round: DB Stavros Katsantonis, UBC (36th)
5th Round: OL Joseph Bencze, McMaster (45th)
6th Round: DB Jean Ventose, UBC (54th)
7th Round: K JJ Molson, UCLA (63rd)
8th Round: LS Tom Schnitzler, UBC (72nd)


1st Round: WR Dejon Brissett, Virginia (2nd)
1st Round: OL Theren Churchill, Regina (9th)
2nd Round: 
LB Jack Cassar, Carleton (11th)
2nd Round: LB Samuel Acheampong, Wilfrid Laurier (20th)
3rd Round: OL Dylan Giffen, Western University (28th)
5th Round: RB Deon Pellerin, Waterloo (42nd)
6th Round: WR Samuel Baker, Saskatchewan (48th)


1st Round: DB Adam Auclair, Laval (6th)
2nd Round: DL Michael Hoecht, Brown (10th)
2nd Round: LB Dan Basambombo, Laval (19th)
4th Round: OL Jakub Szott, McMaster (29th)
5th Round: DB Terrance Abrahams-Webster, Calgary (38th)
6th Round:
LB Brad Cowan, Wilfrid Laurier (47th)
7th Round:
DE Reshaan Davis, Ottawa (56th)
8th Round: OL Ketel Asse, Laval (65th)


2nd Round: DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Montreal (14th)
2nd Round: DL Cameron Lawson, Queen’s (16th)
3rd Round: OL Carter O’Donnell, Alberta (22nd)
3rd Round: DL Benoît Marion, Montreal (25th)
4th Round: LB Brian Harelimana, Montreal (33rd)
6th Round: OL Andrew Becker, Regina (49th)
6th Round: LB Jersey Henry, Concordia (51st)
7th Round: SB Vincent Alessandrini, Concordia (60th)
8th Round: DL Brock Gowanlock, Manitoba (66th)
8th Round: RB Colton Klassen, Saskatchewan (69th)