From My Camera Roll: CFL Family

If you’ve been following @CFL on social media you’ve probably noticed the #HowICFL floating around. This social movement began weeks ago as fans started flooding feeds with happy images expressing their love for the CFL. This week that message has pivoted slightly with the league asking fans to share what the CFL and the #CFLFamily means to you.  Another stream of joyous images filled my timeline and I too shared what the league has meant to me. If you haven’t had a chance consider sharing today! We’d really love to see your smiling faces and hear your stories.

This week for my weekly “from my camera roll” post where I am sharing some personal photos and memories from the CFL I wanted to share more about my CFL family. I started working around football right out of university, working as an intern for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. After bouncing around a bit after that I started working full time for the CFL in 2015 and have loved every moment. There are countless reasons why I love working for the League but if you follow me on social media you’ll know that one of the top reasons is the people, and this leads me to my #CFLFamily. The CFL, my friends and colleagues are my family. I know with certainty I have spent more time with them than my own family the last five years and that is not unique if you work outside of the home. What is unique is that I really love my work pals, they get me up in the morning and are the prime reason why work has never once felt like a job. As I continue to see all of your wonderful posts about your CFL family I just wanted to share a little note to say I miss my CFL family lots too and I look forward to getting together with them in person and finding ways to tell the profound stories of the Canadian Football League and it’s wonderful players and coaches. I’ve shared a few photos below with lots of friends missing – mostly the ones who I know would prefer I not share photos of them 🙂 Stay well friends and keep the #CFLFamily and #HowICFL posts coming!