June 13, 2020

Catch Madness presented by Timber Mart is here

TORONTO — The CFL’s top receivers are all together, battling to pull in your votes.

Catch Madness presented by Timber Mart corrals the top plays made by receivers over the last five years, allowing fans to choose one superior play. Voting opens Saturday, June 13, via the CFL’s Instagram story. The first three rounds will unfold over Instagram from June 13 through June 15. The final four and the championship match-up will take place through the CFL’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

With a wealth of high quality plays to choose from over the last five years, the tournament is broken down into four distinct brackets: One-handed, Leaping/Diving, Contested and How?! Each will produce a winner. That sets up an array of different types of plays meeting in the final four.

Have a look at the bracket here and head to our Instagram page to vote your favourite players and plays through to the next round.