Khari Jones becomes an ambassador for suicide prevention group

Khari Jones’ involvement with suicide prevention is no secret.

The head coach of the Montreal Alouettes has been tied to LivingWorks, a Calgary-based provider of suicide prevention training solutions, since 2006. In between the end of his playing career and the start of his coaching career, Jones did some broadcasting and acting work while living in Calgary. He connected with LivingWorks and became a virtual trainer for a digital program that’s been used for 14 years now.

Over half a million people have seen Jones through those training videos over the years.

Now, Jones has reconnected with the group. He’s become an ambassador for LivingWorks and will support their efforts to eliminate suicide loss.

“Anyone can help save a life,” Jones said in LivingWorks’ press release. “Let’s face it, these are difficult times. I hear from players almost every day who are struggling with the uncertainty of it all. But this isn’t just about the players, this is about everyone.”

Jones has been writing a blog for the group — his first entry is here — which details the success that his training video has had and why it’s important to him that he stay involved.

Earlier this year, we spoke with Jones about the impact his training video has had.

Khari Jones path to trying to end the stigma surrounding mental health

Following his playing career, Khari Jones became a spokesperson for suicide prevention. In this MUST WATCH interview, the #AlsMTL HC details his pursuit of trying to end the stigma surrounding mental health #BellLetsTalk

Posted by CFL on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

“Simply by being aware of the risks for suicide, or recognizing that a friend or family member doesn’t seem to be their usual self is an important first step to helping them get help,” Jones said. “We’ve got to eliminate the stigma that is associated with talking about our own mental health — especially among men — and be willing to start a difficult conversation.”