Dyakowski conquers Timbits for Camp Day

TORONTO — Retired offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski has many accolades to his name, but on Tuesday, he also became the conqueror of Timbits.

For Tim Hortons Camp Day, Dyakowski was helping to raise donations at the Brookfield Place location, owned by former teammate Marwan Hage. For every Timbit he was able to eat, $100 would be donated to Tims Camps.

He also had some support. TSN’s Matthew Scianitti made it down, as did Iggy, the mascot for the National Lacrosse League’s Toronto Rock.

Dyakowski managed to crush the challenge set in front of him, putting back 100 Timbits to raise $1,000.

Hage also matched Dyakowski’s donation, as did fellow offensive lineman Adriano Belli.

Scianitti also helped to chip away at the Timbits, but he didn’t fare as well as the big man did.

In total $3,000 was raised by the group, and you can help to add onto that number. 100 percent of proceeds from coffee and iced coffee purchases, as well as Camp Day bracelets and guest and restaurant owner donations, on Tuesday, will go towards helping youth.