August 26, 2020

Tracking players who have exercised opt-outs

Johany Jutras/

TORONTO — With the cancellation of the CFL season now just over a week old, a number of players have elected to use the time to try their luck south of the border.

Earlier this week the CFL and CFLPA agreed on a seven-day window where players could opt out of their current CFL contracts in an attempt to find a spot on NFL rosters.

Some of the more notable opt-outs surround players on expiring contracts include Argos pivot McLeod Bethel-Thompson and Edmonton receiver Ricky Collins Jr.

There are a small number of players, such as Riders OL Dakoda Shepley, who are on multi-year contracts and would have their rights retained by the team that released them.

Below is a summary of those that have officially filed for the opt-out to date:

Date Team Player POS School
2020-09-03  WPG  ULIZIO, Nolan OL  Pittsburgh
2020-09-03  WPG  WILLIAMS, James RB  Washington State
 2020-09-03  WPG  WILLIAMS, Raekwon DB  Florida Atlantic
 2020-09-03  WPG  CROCKETT, Montay WR  Georgia Southern
2020-09-03  WPG  GRANT, Doran WR  Ohio State
2020-09-03 WPG  CALDWELL, Joshua RB  Northwest Missouri State
2020-09-03 WPG DEAN, Jhavonte DB  University of Miami
2020-09-03 OTT PHILIPS, Erv WR Syracuse
2020-09-03 OTT CATALINA, Tyler OL Georgia
2020-09-03 OTT GALLON, Ironhead DB Georgia Souther
2020-09-03 CGY WILDS, Brandon RB South Carolina
2020-09-03 CGY WILSON, Raheem DB Southeastern Oklahoma State
2020-09-03 CGY DOZIER, Branden DB UNC Charlotte
2020-09-03 TOR THIGPEN, Marcus RB Indiana
2020-09-01 SSK LIVINGS, Chris DL McNeese State
2020-09-01 SSK THOMAS, Matthew LB Florida State
2020-09-01 CGY WORTHINGTON, Evan DB Colorado
2020-09-01 BC BOSEN, Matt DE Texas Christian
2020-09-01 HAM STRIBLING, Channing DB Michigan
2020-09-01 WPG ROCQUEMORE, Jontrell LB Utah State
2020-09-01 WPG RINGO, Christian DL Louisiana-Lafayette
2020-08-31 OTT ANDERSON, Kevin QB Fordham
2020-08-31 TOR FEENEY, Travis LB Washington
2020-08-31 SSK THOMPSON, Trenton DL Georgia
2020-08-31 SSK HENDY, AJ DB Maryland
2020-08-31 SSK CHEEVERS, Hamp DB Boston College
2020-08-31 BC COTTOY, Jevon WR Langley Rams Jr.
2020-08-31 OTT KALILI, Jocquez DB UNLV
2020-08-31 OTT JONES, David DB Richmond
2020-08-31 BC LADLER, Kenneth LB Vanderbilt
2020-08-31 EDM FOSTER, Angelo WR Cortland State
2020-08-31 SSK JOHNSON, Gary LB Texas
2020-08-31 HAM WINT, Anthony LB Florida International
2020-08-31 HAM CARNELL, Maurice DB North Alabama
2020-08-31 EDM WILLIAMS, Troy QB Utah
2020-08-31 EDM SCOTT, Bryan QB Occidental College
2020-08-31 HAM DUNBAR, Steven WR Houston
2020-08-31 HAM BYRD, Dontez WR Tennessee Tech
2020-08-31 HAM ALLISON, Jeff LB Fresno State
2020-08-31 CGY HUFF, Josh WR Oregon
2020-08-31 WPG MASTON, Mercy LB Boise State
2020-08-31 HAM OLIVER, Branden RB Buffalo
2020-08-31 HAM BINGHAM, Ronheen DL Arkansas State
2020-08-31 CGY SANKEY, Darnell LB Sacramento State
2020-08-31 CGY COKER, DJ OL Rhodes College
2020-08-31 HAM ZAMORT, Ronald DB Western Michigan
2020-08-31 HAM PATTERSON, Damoun WR Youngstown State
2020-08-31 HAM DOTSON, Jomon DB Nevada
2020-08-31 WPG GRANT, Janarion WR Rutgers
2020-08-30 SSK THOMPSON, Trenton DL Georgia
2020-08-30 SSK HENDY, AJ DB Maryland
2020-08-30 SSK JOHNSON JR., Gary LB Texas
2020-08-30 SSK CHEEVERS, Hamp DB Boston College
2020-08-30 CGY COKER, DJ OL Rhodes College
2020-08-28 BC CASTILLO, Sergio K West Texas A&M
2020-08-28 TOR MOORE, Jordan LB Texas at San Antonio
2020-08-28 OTT SAUNDERS, Jalen WR Oklahoma
2020-08-28 SSK JUDGE, Cameron LB UCLA
2020-08-28 SSK MITCHELL, Tevin DB Arkansas
2020-08-28 SSK ROBERTSON, Pete DL Texas Tech
2020-08-28 SSK CAMPBELL, Christian DB Penn State
2020-08-28 SSK JUDGE, Cameron LB UCLA
2020-08-27 SSK DAVIS, Deshaun LB Auburn
2020-08-27 SSK THOMAS, Cory DL Mississippi State
2020-08-27 OTT ROBERSON, Marcus DB Florida
2020-08-27 OTT CHRISTON, Taryn QB South Dakota
2020-08-27 EDM SANTOS-KNOX, Jovon LB UMASS
2020-08-26 BC BROWN, Ryan DL Mississippi State
2020-08-26 SSK HARRIS, Demetrius DE Fort Valley State
2020-08-26 SSK JEFFERSON, Cameron OL Arkansas
2020-08-26 WPG TEXADA, Ranthony DB Texas Christian
2020-08-26 WPG LEWIS, Malcolm WR Miami
2020-08-26 WPG KENNEY, David DL Indiana
2020-08-26 WPG DORLEANT, Makinton DB Northern Iowa
2020-08-26 WPG ALEXANDER, Deontez WR
2020-08-26 CGY DOWNEY, Da’Sean DL Massachusetts
2020-08-26 CGY NICOLAS, Dadi DL Virginia Tech
2020-08-26 OTT CHRISTION, Taryn QB South Dakota State
2020-08-26 OTT ROBERSON, Marcus DB Florida
2020-08-26 TOR ZICO, Isaac WR Purdue
2020-08-26 EDM COLLINS, Ricky WR
2020-08-26 HAM ELLIS, Jordan RB Virginia
2020-08-26 MTL GUERRA, Fabian WR Fairmont State
2020-08-26 CGY LAMPKIN, Ashton DB Oklahoma State
2020-08-26 CGY JEROME, Lorenzo DB St. Francis University
2020-08-25 SSK AYERS, Demarcus WR Houston
2020-08-25 SSK LAUTHER, Brett K Saint Mary’s
2020-08-25 SSK RYAN, Jonathan P Regina
2020-08-25 TOR SMITH, Kwadarrius WR Akron
2020-08-25 TOR BETHEL-THOMPSON, Mcleod QB Sacramento State
2020-08-25 HAM WILSON, Kyle LB Arkansas State
2020-08-25 HAM WHITE, Matthew K Monmouth
2020-08-25 CGY MCMANIS, Wynton LB Memphis
2020-08-25 SSK LACEY, Deon LB West Alabama
2020-08-25 SSK SHEPLEY, Dakoda OL UBC
2020-08-25 OTT LEONE, Richie K Houston
2020-08-19 CGY HOLLEY, Nate LB Kent State
2020-08-18 MTL SANTOSO, Ryan K Minnesota
2020-08-17 TOR RICHARDS, Jeff DB Emporia State
2020-08-17 SSK ZIMMERMANN, Max WR