Week 3 Conditioning Drill: Around the World

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

Equipment: 1 football

People: 1+

Targeted skills: Hand-eye coordination

Sport Rationale: In football, must be able to track the ball and catch it effectively


  • The receiver must hold the football with 2 hands from the top
  • When he/she is ready, he/she releases the football, spins around the football and tries to grab it before it touches the ground
  • The receiver can challenge him/herself to see how many he/she can do in a row without dropping the ball

Modifications: To make this drill easier, the receiver can replace the football ball by a tennis ball. To make this drill harder, the receiver can do the drill with one hand. In addition, the receiver can try to do as many “around the world” as possible before grabbing the ball.

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Eyes Focused on Ball: If the athlete uses their eyes to catch the ball along with their hands then they will have a higher chance of catching the ball because an athlete’s eyes will help with proper hand placement upon arrival of the ball.

Catch the Ball with Fingers: As a receiver, you want to catch the ball with your fingers and cushion the impact with your palm.

Coaching Tips: Remind athletes to keep eyes focused on the ball especially after turning around because the athlete will not have a lot of time to locate the ball.


Share Your Results: Show us how many you did without dropping the ball?

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