Week 4 Conditioning Drill: Conga Line

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

Equipment: 1 football

People: 3+

Targeted Skill: Snapping & Catching

Sport Rationale: In football, every play is started with a snap and Quarterbacks must be able to catch snaps that are all over.


  • Have the participants line up in a straight line roughly 3-5 yards apart
  • The first person will snap the ball through their legs to the person behind them
  • After snapping the ball the first participant will run to a spot 3-5 yards behind the last person inline
  • The participant who caught the initial snap, will now snap the ball through their legs to the person behind him/her and then proceed to the back of the line
  • This continues until everyone has successfully snapped the ball 3 times
  • If a participant drops a snap, you must restart from the beginning
  • For an added challenge increase the distance between participants

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Snap: Have the athletes hold the ball like they throw; dominant hand on the laces and their other hand on the opposite side. They will throw towards the hip of the person behind them.

Catch: Have the athletes step to the ball, and try and have them use the triangle above and the triangle below method.

Coaching Tips: Remind athletes to make sure the receiver is ready before they snap. Also, make sure that players are not just trying to snap it as hard as they possibly can.


Share Your Results on Social: What is the furthest distance that you were able to snap & catch it?

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