Edmonton starts final phase of search for new name

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Football Team has started the second, and final, phase of EE NameTime public engagement seeking fan’s ranking on the short-list for the team’s new name, the team announced on Monday morning. This engagement process will happen from February 8 to February 14 on a survey hosted at esks.com/name. Upon completion of this survey period, the information will be collected for internal use in informing the decision on the name.

The first phase of engagement for EE NameTime, which happened in November of 2020, asked the public to submit their options for their favourite name for our beloved team. The team had 14,833 submissions with 2,047 unique name entries from all over the world. From that, the information gathered was processed internally to choose the final candidates that best fit the needs of the team.

This final call to the public to provide input will share the painstakingly drafted shortlist of 7 names that best fit the naming criteria. The team is asking the public to rank these options in order of preference to make sure their feedback is heard in the final decision.

The names are presented as simply as possible. Any graphics or unique marks will be done when the final name is selected. The ranked survey provides a description and an example of the name used in a play call to help imagine how the candidates might fit.

The results of the survey will be internal information used for the next steps in the name selection process.

The timing for the decision on and release of the final name is to be determined by the club.

To follow the process, visit https://www.esks.com/name from February 8 to 14, share and follow #EENameTime on social media.

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