Riders sign Global draft pick, free agent

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed Global wide receiver Sebastien Sagne and Global kicker Wihan van der Riet.

Sagne (six-foot-two, 200 pounds) was selected by the Roughriders in the fourth round (32nd overall) in the 2021 Global Draft. Sagne had a strong showing at the CFL’s Global Combine this year, posting a 4.53-second 40-yard run and a 10-foot-five and 3/8 inch broad jump.

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He spent four seasons playing football in Germany. With the Frankfurt Universe in 2018 and 2019, he had 1,071 yards and 17 touchdowns despite missing 11 games with an injury. In 2016 and 2017 he played for Dresden, where he made 118 receptions for 2,189 yards and 33 touchdowns. The Finnish native started his football career in his home country with the Helsinki Wolverines in 2013. He played in six regular season games that year, making 18 catches for 337 yards but put himself on the map in the championship game with three catches for 138 yards and two touchdowns. In 2014, he was one of the top receivers in the league with 1,063 yards and 10 touchdowns on 73 receptions.

Van der Riet (six-foot-one, 220 pounds) joins the Roughriders as an undrafted free agent. The South African kicker has had several tryouts for the NFL, CFL and AFL over the past several years, including for the BC Lions in 2019. Van der Riet hails from South Africa and started a kicking academy to help train and coach young rugby players and aspiring CFL and NFL kickers. The 31-year-old also has shared practice videos of him routinely making field goals at 70-plus yards.

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