A team-by-team look at the 2021 CFL Draft

TORONTO — Now that the 2021 CFL Draft is in the books, fans are anxious to see how their teams fared across the six rounds.

Tuesday’s draft proved to be an exciting night, as the top talents from across Canada found their respective homes with the nine Canadian Football League franchises.

Boston College tight end Jake Burt went to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats with the first overall pick, but that was just the start of the festivities. Here’s a breakdown of each team’s picks.

» Ticats select Boston College TE Jake Burt 1st overall in 2021 CFL Draft
Riders stay close to home; select DB Nelson Lokombo 2nd overall
2021 CFL Draft Tracker


1st Round: Daniel Joseph, DL, NC State (4th)
2nd Round: Alaric Jackson, OL, Iowa (15th)
3rd Round: Ben Hladik, LB, UBC (22nd)
5th Round: Alfred Green, DL, Wilfrid Laurier (40th)
6th Round: Tyler Packer, OL, Calgary (51st)


1st Round: Amen Ogbongbemiga, LB, Oklahoma State (8th)
2nd Round: Bryce Bell, OL, Wilfrid Laurier (11th)
3rd Round: Charlie Moore, LB, Calgary (26th)
4th Round: Elliot Graham, LB, UBC (29th)
5th Round: Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State (43rd)
5th Round: Luther Hakunavanhu, WR, York (44th)


1st Round: Cole Nelson, DL, Alberta (5th)
2nd Round: Grant McDonald, LB, Calgary (14th)
3rd Round: Deonte Glover, RB, Shepherd (23rd)
4th Round: Dominic Johnson, REC, Buffalo (32nd)
5th Round: Peter Kourtis, OL, Saint Mary’s (41st)
6th Round: Kenan Clarke, DB, Cornell (50th)


1st Round: Nelson Lokombo, DB, Saskatchewan (2nd)
2nd Round: Terrell Jana, REC, Virginia (17th)
3rd Round: Bruno Labelle, TE, Cincinnati (20th)
4th Round: Alain Cimankinda, DL, Guelph (35th)
5th Round: Logan Bandy, OL, Calgary (38th)
6th Round: Matt Watson, DB, Mount Allison (53rd)


1st Round: Liam Dobson, OL, Texas State (3rd)
2nd Round: Redha Kramdi, DB, Montreal (16th)
3rd Round: Patrice Rene, DB, North Carolina (21st)
4th Round: Robbie Lowes, LB, Regina (34th)
5th Round: Kyle Borsa, RB, Regina (39th)
6th Round: Shae Weekes, DB, Manitoba (48th)


1st Round: Jake Burt, TE, Boston College (1st)
1st Round: Nick Cross, LB, UBC (9th)
2nd Round: Deane Leonard, DB, Ole Miss (18th)
3rd Round: Mohamed Diallo, DL, Central Michigan (19th)
4th Round: Jarek Richards, LB, Saint Mary’s (36th)
5th Round: Felix Garand-Gauthier, REC, Laval (37th)
6th Round: Myles Manalo, LB, Western (54th)


2nd Round: Pier-Olivier Lestage, OL, Montreal (10th)
3rd Round: Chris Fournier, OL, Lehigh (27th)
4th Round: Patrick Davis, OL, Syracuse (28th)
5th Round: David Cote, K, Laval (45th)
6th Round: Ethan Makonzo, LB, Montreal (46th)


1st Round: Deshawn Stevens, LB, Maine (6th)
2nd Round: Alonzo Addae, DB, West Virginia (13th)
3rd Round: Connor Berglof, OL, Saskatchewan (24th)
4th Round: Jake Julien, K/P, Eastern Michigan (31st)
5th Round: Keegan Markgraf, LS, Utah (42nd)
6th Round: Matthew Derks, OL, Delaware State (49th)


1st Round: Peter Nicastro, OL, Calgary (7th)
2nd Round: Sage Doxtater, OL, New Mexico State (12th)
3rd Round: Luiju Vilain, DL, Michigan (25th)
4th Round: Tommy Nield, REC, McMaster (30th)
4th Round: Trevor Hoyte, LB, Carleton (33rd)
6th Round: Joshua Hagerty, DB, Saskatchewan (47th)
6th Round: Benjamin St-Juste, DB, Minnesota (52nd)

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