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September 7, 2021

Ottawa, BC Injury Reports: Sept. 10

Walter Tychnowicz/CFL.ca

TORONTO — The Ottawa REDBLACKS and BC Lions have filed their final injury reports ahead of their game on Saturday night in Vancouver.

For the REDBLACKS, Dominique Davis has been named the team’s starting QB while Matt Nichols is questionable with an oblique strain. Returner DeVonte Dedmon will miss Saturday’s game.

In BC, Michael Reilly (questionable) should get some quality protection with the return of offensive tackle Joel Figueroa. With that good news, the Lions announced some bad news on Friday. The team is without receiver Lamar Durant this week and has added receiver Dominique Rhymes to the six-game injured list.

Ottawa REDBLACKS Practice day  
Player name Position Injury Tue Wed Thu Game status
Anthony Coombs WR Hamstring Full Full Full
Timothy Flanders RB Hamstring Full Full Full
Stefan Charles DL Foot Full Full Full
Kene Onyeka DL Hamstring Full Full Full
Nigel Romick DL Hamstring Limited Limited Limited Out
Nolan MacMillan OL Foot Limited Limited Limited
Nate Behar WR Ankle Limited DNP Full
Na’Ty Rodgers OL Knee DNP DNP DNP Out
DeVonte Dedmon WR Calf DNP DNP DNP Out
Justin Davis RB Knee DNP DNP DNP Out
Avery Ellis DL Shoulder Limited Limited Full
Frank Beltre DL Hip Limited Limited Full
Michael Klukas WR Head DNP DNP DNP Out
Reshaan Davis DL Non-injury related DNP DNP DNP Out
Justin Howell DB Quadricep Full DNP Full
Tyler Catalina OL Elbow Full Out
Marco Dubois TE Ankle Full Out
Matt Nichols QB Left Oblique Strain Limited Questionable


BC LIONS Practice Day  
Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
James Butler RB Ankle Full Full Full Out
Dyshawn Davis LB Healthy Scratch Full Full Full Out
Lemar Durant WR Heel DNP DNP DNP Out
Jalon Edwards-Cooper DB Head Full Full Limited Out
Joel Figueroa OL Calf Limited Limited Limited
Keon Hatcher WR Healthy scratch Full Full Full
T.J. Lee DB Calf Limited Limited Limited
Michael Reilly QB Right elbow Limited Limited Limited Questionable
Ufomba Kamalu DL Healthy scratch Full Full Full
Jarell Broxton OL Left arm DNP DNP DNP Out
Dominique Rhymes DL Foot DNP DNP DNP Out


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