October 4, 2021

Elks, Bombers Injury Report: Harris back in Elks lineup

Walter Tychnowicz/CFL.ca

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their final injury reports ahead of their contest on Friday.

Trevor Harris (neck) makes his return to action this week, as does OL David Beard, who is out of COVID protocols. The Elks will be without d-linemen Tibo Debaillie (Achilles), Alain Pae (hamstring) and o-lineman D’Ondre Wesley (shoulder).

The Blue Bombers will be without LB Kevin Brown (shoulder) DB Noah Hallett (knee) and DB Sergio Schinffino-Perez (hip). The rest of the players on their report are listed as questionable for Friday night.

Player name Position Injury Sun Mon Tues Wed Game Status
Tibo Debaillie DL Achilles  –  – DNP Out
Mike Moore DL Toe/Illness  –  – DNP
SirVincent Rogers OL Back DNP
Mathieu Betts DL Leg Full Full Full Full
Trevor Harris QB Healthy Scratch Full Full Full
Alain Pae DL Hamstring Full DNP DNP DNP Out
De’Ondre Wesley OL Shoulder DNP DNP DNP DNP Out
David Beard OL COVID protocol Full Full Full Full


Player name Position Injury Mon Tue Wed Game status
Andrew Harris RB Calf Full DNP Questionable
Mike Miller FB Hip Limited DNP Questionable
Drew Wolitarsky WR Knee DNP Full Questionable
Geoff Gray OL NIR Full Full Questionable
Pat Neufeld OL Shoulder DNP DNP Questionable
Kevin Brown LB Shoulder DNP DNP Out
Willie Jefferson DL Ankle Limited Limited Questionable
Jackson Jeffcoat DL Hip Limited Limited Questionable
Jonathan Kongbo DL Illness DNP DNP Questionable
Noah Hallett DB Knee DNP Limited Out
Sergio Schinffino-Perez DB Hip Limited DNP Out


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