It’s The ‘Fit For Me: CFL players putting fashion on full display

If you follow any CFL player on Instagram, you’ll of course see tonnes of shots of them playing football games. Helmet on, team colours donned with the logo on the front of the jersey and their own last name on the back.

But you’ll also see snap shots of who these guys are off  the field. Their interests, their families, and maybe even their favourite local food spot. You’ll also get to see the sense of style that many, many CFL players have.

The intersection of sports and fashion has been intertwined for years. Just look at the classic NBA tunnel entrances, where sports meet fashion and expression as the world’s biggest basketball players showcase their style on their way into arenas.

It’s no different for CFL players. They, too, use fashion as a way to express themselves as they head out on the road or make their way to a home game.

There are a tonne of players around the league posting their game-day outfits and that caught the eye of one CFL star. He saw the fashion that his teammates and other players around the league were posting and decided to start an Instagram account to show case them all.

The player, who would prefer to stay anonymous, created the account @CFLLeagueFits on Instagram and has been sharing any images of the best outfits from the week.


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A post shared by @cflleaguefits


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A post shared by @cflleaguefits

The account is a must-follow for any CFL or fashion enthusiasts since it showcases players from all nine teams and all of their individual styles.

And if any CFL player wants to be included on the page, tagging #CFLLeagueFits will help the player running the account to find and share the photos.

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