October 15, 2021

Football Weekend in Canada is here

Supplied by Football Canada

TORONTO — Football Weekend in Canada kicks off today, Friday Oct. 15, with a series of events through this weekend that tell the story of football in this country, running from coast to coast to coast.

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“Football means many things to many people across Canada,” Jim Mullin, Football Canada’s president said in a statement.

“In the midst of a challenging time, we wanted to create a digital event where Canada can take in stories, understand the diversity, challenges and triumphs of our participants, and have a national discussion on what the sport we love looks like today and in the future.”

The events for this weekend include Football Canada’s Film Shorts festival, a series of short films that capture fascinating football stories from around the country.

The Women & Girls in Football Conference goes Saturday and Sunday and highlights the opportunities available to women and girls in Canada to get involved in football.

The RougeZone will cover everything USPORTS and CJFL on Saturday afternoon and will be hosted by Mullin, Gord Randall and Marshall Ferguson from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Saturday.

A celebration of national award winners will be on FootballCanada.com and will feature interviews with the winners of the Presidents’ Award for peerless contribution to football in Canada; winners of the Diamond Award for lifetime volunteer participation and Canada’s Football Mom of the Year. FootballCanada.com will also officially become the online home of the Jon Cornish Trophy, the prize for most outstanding Canadian player in the NCAA.

Football Canada is now selling a variety of gear with its alternate Football Canada logo, which was created by Squamish, BC artist Kolten Khasalus Grant. All net proceeds from the alternate logo will be directed to Indigenous and northern football development.

All of this, combined with the CFL’s trio of Week 11 games, makes for a spectacular weekend of football in Canada.

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