October 26, 2021

Updated Playoff Scenarios: The Argos and Riders are in

Photo: Riderville.com

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have some company in the post-season.

At the conclusion of Week 13’s games, the Toronto Argonauts and the Saskatchewan Roughriders have clinched playoff spots.

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The Argos held on to win in overtime against the BC Lions on Saturday, which punched their post-season ticket. The Lions’ loss, combined with Edmonton’s loss to Hamilton on Friday and the Roughriders’ win over Montreal in the second half of Saturday’s doubleheader, got the Green Team into the playoffs as well.


  • Winnipeg secured a playoff spot for the fifth consecutive season in Week 11 and secured first place in the West Division in Week 12.


If the fourth-place team in division A – A4 – has more points than the third-place team in division B – B3 (they cannot be tied), A4 will cross over and take the place of B3 in terms of playoff seeding. A4 will then compete against B2 in the division B semi-final.

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