Mexican prospect Espinosa looking to bring physicality

TORONTO — It’s all about physicality for Mexican linebacker Andres Espinosa.

The five-foot-nine, 228-pounder attended the CFL Combine presented by New Era last month and is now looking ahead to the CFL Global Draft on May 3, where he hopes to be selected by a CFL team.

And whatever team decides to pick Espinosa can expect one thing: a physical player who’s ready to come in and compete.

“I love the aggressiveness and I love every part of the game,” said Espinosa. “I love to compete and I love to know many players around the world. I want to demonstrate the talent that Mexico has in football.”

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Andres Espinosa is pictured here during the CFL Combine presented by New Era in Toronto (Thomas Skrlj/

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in Espinosa’s case, that rings true. His love for the game, and his style of play, stems from his dad, who also played football.

“Since I was a child, my father played as a QB,” reflected Espinosa. “And he taught me all of the aggressiveness of the game and he saw my future and that I love the game.”

Espinosa competed in the one-on-one drills at last month’s Combine, lining up in pads and competing with other prospects from around the world and across Canada, in hopes of impressing the scouts and general managers that were on site in Toronto. He made sure to showcase his physical style of play, looking to turn heads as he went up against the running backs that were in attendance.

He also participated in the testing portion of the CFL Combine, where he put his athletic abilities on display, giving evaluators yet another piece of his football resume.

And now all that’s left to do for the LFAer is to wait for May 3, where he’ll hope to hear his name called by one of the nine CFL teams in the 2022 Global Draft.

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