May 3, 2022

A team-by-team look at the 2022 CFL Draft

Bryant University

TORONTO — Now that the 2022 CFL Draft is in the books, fans are anxious to see how their teams fared across the eight rounds.

Tuesday’s draft proved to be an exciting night, as the top talents from across Canada found their respective homes with the nine Canadian Football League franchises.

Linebacker Tyrell Richards went to the Montreal Alouettes with the first overall pick, but that was just the start of the festivities. Here’s a breakdown of each team’s picks.

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REDBLACKS look local with OL Zack Pelehos
» Elks select QB Tre Ford eighth overall


1st Round: Nathan Cherry, DL, Saskatchewan (3rd)
2nd Round: Noah Zerr, OL, Saskatchewan (12th)
3rd Round: Joshua Archibald, DL, McGill (23rd)
3rd Round: Ryder Varga, LB, Regina (29th)
4th Round: Adrian Greene, DB, Saint Mary’s (32nd)
5th Round: Riley Pickett, DL, Saskatchewan (41st)
6th Round: Frednick Eveillard, WR, Ottawa (50th)
7th Round: John Metchie, WR, Alabama (59th)
8th Round: Adam Wallace, DL, Ottawa (68th)


1st Round: Jalen Philpot, WR, Calgary (5th)
2nd Round: Josiah Schakel, DB, Alberta (14th)
3rd Round: Demetri Royer, DB, Western Illinois (25th)
4th Round: Jacob Butler, OL, Queen’s (34th)
5th Round: Joel Braden, OL, Regina (43rd)
6th Round: Rasheed Tucker, RB, Queen’s (52nd)
7th Round: Shaquille St-Lot, DB, Maine (61st)
8th Round: Daniel Amoako, DB, York (70th)


1st Round: Enock Makonzo, DB, Coastal Carolina (4th)
1st Round: Tre Ford, QB, Waterloo (8th)
2nd Round: Jacob Plamondon, DL, Calgary (19th)
3rd Round: Marc-David Bien-Aime, OL, Fresno State (21st)
3rd Round: Peter Adjey, LS, Queen’s (28th)
4th Round: Gavin Cobb, WR, Manitoba (30th)
5th Round: Wesly Appolon, LB, Tuskegee (39th)
6th Round: Jeremie Dominique, DB, Charleston (48th)
7th Round: Jean-Paul Cimankinda, RB, Ottawa (57th)
8th Round: Nate Edwards, LD, McMaster (66th)


1st Round: Samuel Emilus, WR, Louisiana Tech (7th)
2nd Round: Zach Fry, OL, Western University (16th)
3rd Round: Diego Alatorre Montoya, OL, UBC (27th)
4th Round: Tommy Bringi, LB, Wilfrid Laurier(36th)
5th Round: Tristan Fleury, DB, McGill (45th)
6th Round: Jayden Dalke, DB, Alberta (54th)
7th Round: Zach Herzog, DB, Hillsdale College (63rd)
8th Round: Riley Boersma, WR, Regina (72nd)


2nd Round: Tyrell Ford, DB, Waterloo (13th)
4th Round: Cole Adamson, DL, Manitoba (38th)
5th Round: Chris Ciguineau, DB, Ottawa (47th)
6th Round: Jeremy Kapelanski, DL, Guelph (56th)
7th Round: Cedrick Lavigne, DB, Carleton (65th)
8th Round: Konner Burtenshaw, FB, Queen’s (74th)


2nd Round: Anthony Federico, DL, Queen’s (17th)
4th Round: Kiondre Smith, WR, Guelph (37th)
5th Round: Jared Beeksma, LB, Guelph (46th)
6th Round: Khadeem Pierre, DB, Concordia (55th)
7th Round: Nicolas Guay, OL, Laval (64th)
8th Round: Jaxon Ciraolo-Brown, DB, UBC (73rd)


1st Round: Tyrell Richards, LB, Syracuse (1st)
1st Round: Tyson Philpot, WR, Calgary (9th)
2nd Round: Rodeem Brown, OL, Alberta (18th)
3rd Round: Vincent Forbes-Mombleau, WR, Laval (24th)
4th Round: Tysen-Otis Copeland, DB, Montreal (33rd)
5th Round: Ryth-Jean Giraud, RB, Montreal (42nd)
6th Round: Peter Kozushka, OL, Alberta (51st)
7th Round: Yanis Chihat, LB, Laval (60th)
8th Round: Zach Lindley, LB, Western University (69th)


1st Round: Zach Pelehos, OL, Ottawa (2nd)
2nd Round: Cyrille Hogan-Saindon, OL, Laval (11th)
2nd Round: Jesse Luketa, LB, Penn State (20th)
3rd Round: Keaton Bruggeling, WR, Carleton (22nd)
4th Round: Daniel Valente, DB, Western (31st)
5th Round: Woodly Appolon, LB, Tuskegee (40th)
6th Round: Subomi Oyesoro, LB, Calgary (49th)
7th Round: Connor Ross, TE, St. Francis Xavier (58th)
8th Round: Luca Perrier, RB, Laval (67th)


1st Round: Gregor Mackellar, OL, St.Francis Xavier (6th)
2nd Round: Deionte Knight, DL, Western University (10th)
2nd Round: Daniel Adeboboye, RB, Bryant University (15th)
3rd Round: Enoch Penney-Laryea, DL, McMaster (26th)
4th Round: Braydon Noll, OL, Wilfrid Laurier (35th)
5th Round: Daniel Kwamou, LB, UBC (44th)
6th Round: Eric Sutton, DB, Texas State (53rd)
7th Round: Chase Arseneau, TE, McMaster (62nd)
8th Round: Michael Pezzuto, DE, Ottawa (71st)

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