May 14, 2022

A letter from Commissioner Randy Ambrosie to CFL fans, players

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CFL Fans:

We know you’re looking forward to a CFL season that starts on time and includes a full schedule of games. To get there, we need a new collective agreement with our players, one that creates a new and positive partnership. Today we presented an offer to the CFLPA that will meet this goal. We have communicated this offer directly to players this afternoon. We want to share this information with you, as well.

Dear CFL Players:

This document summarizes the CFL’s offer that was presented to the union today, for your consideration.

It’s designed to build a true partnership with you, our talented, hard working, community minded CFL players.

It increases total player compensation by more than $24 million over the term of the agreement – plus an opportunity to share in revenue increases as we successfully work together to grow the league.

It protects jobs for Canadian players, the bedrock of the CFL.

It offers partially guaranteed contracts, for the first time in our league’s history.

It recognizes the contribution of veteran Americans, with a new opportunity to extend their careers with their team, without restricting free agency in any way.

It includes two increases in the league’s minimum salary.

It provides certainty and stability, with a 7-year-term.

Here are the details:
• $18.9 million in total guaranteed increases to the salary cap league-wide.

• $5.94 million in guaranteed compensation paid for community outreach and promotional appearances league-wide.

• An opportunity for twenty-five per cent of all revenue growth over an agreed upon threshold, to be added to the salary cap starting in 2023.

• Clubs would be permitted to re-sign their veterans to partially guaranteed contracts, a first for the CFL.

• A club would be allowed to choose one American player (non-quarterback), who has been in the league for at least four years or has played with the same team for at least three years, who would be considered a Nationalized American.

• This one Nationalized American would count as a National on the roster. He would join 20 or 21 Canadians who also count as Nationals on the roster.

• Each roster would have a minimum of seven National starters. This would include at least six Canadian players. The seventh starter could be either the Nationalized American or an additional Canadian.

• The roster would also include three quarterbacks of any nationality, 19 Americans and up to two Global players.

• A starting Canadian quarterback would count as a National (Canadian).

• These roster changes would kick in as of 2023.

• The minimum salary would increase to $70,000 in 2023 and $75,000 in 2027.

• An updated Code of Conduct that applies to all members of the CFL Community, including fans, instead of just players.

• A seat for your union on the Board of CFL Ventures, the commercial arm of the league, will allow us to work together on marketing our league and building our business.

An agreement based on this offer helps everyone across the CFL. Fans can expect improved roster continuity, something that has been a top priority for them for years. Our clubs will be able to consistently market their star players, with more confidence they could re-sign.

But this is about you and your career, first and foremost. That’s why this offer protects roster spots for our great Canadian players who mean so much to the CFL, it celebrates the veteran American players who have built careers here, and it includes increases for all players, including players paid the league minimum.

This is a win-win offer. It creates a stronger partnership, so we can work together to further improve our game and build our business. And it comes at a critical time. Our league, our clubs, and especially our players have been through so much during the pandemic. We turned the corner in 2021, working together to get back on the field. Now we have an opportunity to accelerate towards a brighter future.

Let’s seize that opportunity, together.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie

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