February 3, 2023

Colin Kelly suspended for violating CFL/CFLPA drug policy


TORONTO — Under the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the CFL Players’ Association’s joint drug policy, Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman Colin Kelly has been suspended for two games after testing positive for the banned substances GHRP-2 and metabolite (GHRP-2 1-3 acid).

Players who test positive or fail to provide a sample face a two-game suspension for a first violation, a nine-game suspension for a second violation, a one-year suspension for a third violation, and a lifetime ban for a fourth violation.

Under the policy, suspended players cannot participate in regular season or post-season games. It is at the Club’s discretion whether to allow players to participate in other team activities, such as training camp, pre-season games, practices and meetings.

All players are subject to mandatory drug testing following a positive result and are required to participate in an assessment and clinical evaluation to determine if additional counseling is needed. The policy mandates a total number of tests equal to the number of players in the CFL. Testing is ongoing and is conducted year-round.

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