Salary Management System: Four teams exceed the cap in 2022

TORONTO — Following an annual audit, the Canadian Football League (CFL) has levied fines against the Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa REDBLACKS, Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers for exceeding the league’s 2022 Salary Expenditure Cap.

As no team exceeded the Salary Expenditure Cap by more than $100,000, the selection order for the 2023 CFL Draft on May 2 remains unaffected.

The Salary Management System’s review process includes a detailed field audit of all nine clubs following the season. Teams are also required to provide regularly scheduled updates on compensation levels at the six-, 12- and 18-game points of the season.

The Salary Expenditure Cap for the upcoming 2023 season has been set at $5.45M.

​(Team | Penalty)

  • Montreal | $794
  • Ottawa | $11,994
  • Toronto | $49,735
  • Hamilton | Not applicable
  • Winnipeg | $64,499
  • Saskatchewan | Not applicable
  • Calgary | Not applicable
  • Edmonton | Not applicable
  • BC | Not applicable

(Current to time of publication)

  1. Ottawa
  2. Edmonton
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Calgary (via Hamilton)
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton (via Calgary)
  7. Montreal (via BC)
  8. Winnipeg
  9. BC (via Toronto)
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