May 2, 2023

A team-by-team look at the 2023 CFL Draft

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TORONTO — Now that the 2023 CFL Draft is in the books, fans are anxious to see how their teams fared across the eight rounds.

Tuesday’s draft proved to be an exciting night, as the top talents from across Canada found their respective homes with the nine Canadian Football League franchises.

Dontae Bull went to the Ottawa REDBLACKS with the first overall pick, but that was just the start of the festivities. Here’s a breakdown of each team’s picks.

» Top Dog: REDBLACKS take Dontae Bull first overall
» Taking bull by the horns: REDBLACKS sign first overall pick
» Elks take Carabins’s LB Michael Brodrique with second pick
» Riders dive into draft with Lake Korte-Moore at third overall
» Surprising twists in opening round of the CFL Draft


1st Round: Francis Bemiy, DL, Southern Utah (9th)
2nd Round: Siriman Bagayogo, DB, Guelph (14th)
4th Round: Markcus Jean-Loscher, DL, Saint Mary (34th)
5th Round: Charlie Ringland, DB, Saskatchewan (43rd)
6th Round: Jassin State-McClean, DB, Saint Mary’s (53rd)
7th Round: Jack Hinsperger, LB, Waterloo (61st)
8th Round: Troy Kowal, OL, Minot State (70th)


1st Round: Cole Tucker, WR, Northern Illinois (4th)
3nd Round: Kwadwo Boahen, DL, Alberta (22nd)
3rd Round: Clark Barnes, WR, Guelph (24th)
4th Round: Alexandre Marcoux, OL, McGill (33rd)
5th Round: Ryan Leder, DL, McMaster (42nd)
6th Round: Sebastian Howard, TE, St Mary’s (49th)
6th Round: Campbell Fair, K, Ottawa (51st)
8th Round: Lucas Robertson, FB, UBC (69th)


1st Round: Michael Brodrique, LB, Montreal (2nd)
2nd Round: Jacob Taylor, DB, Alberta (18th)
3rd Round: Phillip Grohovac, OL, Western, (20th)
3rd Round: Luke Burton-Krahn, DB, UBC (23rd)
4th Round: Noah Curtis, DL, Keiser University (28th)
5th Round: Bertrand Beaulieu, FB, Montreal (38th)
6th Round: Spencer Masterson, OL, Guelph (50th)
7th Round: Bruno Lagacé, DL, Montreal (56th)
8th Round: Derek Best, RB, Western University (65th)


1st Round: Lake Korte-Moore, DL, UBC (3rd)
2nd Round: Jaxon Ford, DB, Regina (11th)
3rd Round: Matt Dean, LB, York, (21st)
4th Round: Thomas Bertrand-Hudon, RB, Delaware State (30th)
6th Round: Sidy Sow, OL, Eastern Michigan (48th)
7th Round: Evan Floren, OL, Queen’s (57th)
7th Round: Nick Thomas, LB, Manitoba (60th)
8th Round: Tavius Robinson, DL, Mississippi (66th)


1st Round: Anthony Bennett, DL, Regina (8th)
2nd Round: Jake Kelly, DB, Bishop’s (15th)
3rd Round: Jeremy Murphy, WR, Concordia (26th)
4th Round: Tanner Schmekel, DL, Regina (35th)
5th Round: Collin Kornelson, DL, Manitoba (44th)
6th Round: Breton MacDougall, DB, Windsor (53rd)
7th Round: Jonathan Rosery, RB, Alberta  (62nd)
8th Round: Max Charbonneau, LB, Ottawa (71st)


1st Round: Dayton Black, OL, Saskatchewan (6th)
4th Round: Patrick Burke Jr, DB, Wilfrid Laurier (29th)
4th Round: Reece Martin, DL, Mount Allison (31st)
5th Round: Robert Panabaker, DB, Western University (40th)
8th Round: Josh Hyer, DL, Calgary (64th)
8th Round: Caleb Morin, WR, Saskatchewan (67th)


1st Round: Jonathan Sutherland, LB, Penn State (5th)
1st Round: Lwal Uguak, DL, TCU (7th)
2nd Round: David Dallaire, FB, Laval (13th)
4th Round: Theo Grant, OL, Queen’s (33rd)
5th Round: Jacob Mason, FB, McMaster (39th)
5h Round: Shedler Fervius, WR, Saint Mary’s (41st)
7th Round: Chase Brown, RB, Illinois (59th)
8th Round: Maxym Lavallee, DB, Laval (68th)


1st Round: Dontae Bull, OL, Fresno State (1st)
2nd Round: Lucas Cormier, DB, Mount Allison (10th)
2nd Round: James Peter, LB, Ottawa (12th)
2nd Round: Daniel Oladejo, WR, Ottawa (17th)
3rd Round: Aidan John, DL, Saint Mary’s (19th)
3rd Round: Josh White, LB, Regina (25th)
5th Round: Daniel Perry, WR, Saskatchewan (37th)
6th Round: Quintin Seguin, DL, Charleston Southern (46th)
7th Round: Alexander Fedchun, DL, St. Francis Xavier (55th)
7th Round: Amlicar Polk, RB, Ottawa (58th)


2nd Round: Jared Wayne, WR, Pittsburgh (16th)
3rd Round: Adam Guillemette, LS, Holy Cross (27th)
4th Round: Spencer Nichols, DL, St. Francis Xavier (36th)
5th Round: Edouard Paradis, OL, Houston Baptist (45th)
6th Round: Richard Burton, WR, Queen’s (47th)
6th Round: Ife Onyemenam, LB, Wilfrid Laurier (54th)
7th Round: Brendan Murphy, DB, Western University (63rd)
8th Round: Anthony Vandal, OL, Sherbrooke (72nd)

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